"GARY Matsumoto and other researchers have triggered the alarm, they are experiencing the greatest number of people advised to avoid the adjuvant fish is presented as a protection in the vaccine drugs. "Stephen Lendman, 10 June 2009.

E 'inconceivable that the WHO, the United States, as well as others spread lies, deceit and hysteria to large pharmaceutical companies to allow the spread of dangerous vaccines and other medicines to those who are skeptical, perhaps opening the door to diseases and premature death ....

Gary Matsumoto is a journalist in New York who has been awarded several prizes for his investigation. In 2004 his book, "Vaccine A: The experience of the secret government kills our soldiers, and explains why there are geographical actually the first victims." He disputes the findings of the IOM and expressed his disagreement with the Pentagon denies that the Gulf War Syndrome. Analyzing the context in which dark vaccinations have been developed, also found that doctors and scientists had conducted secret army medical experiments on citizens
Americans, in violation of the Nuremberg Code and medical ethics more fundamental. As for testing on humans, the Nuremberg Code laid down rules that were included in the guidelines of medical ethics.

Those standards require that:

The voluntary consent of subjects, and this without any form of coercion, fraud of deception, and with the full knowledge of the risks involved.

- Experiments should avoid "any form of physical pain or mental useless, and any damages of any kind..

- The experiments should never be taken if, a priori, there is reason to believe that could lead to personal injury, disability or death.

- The risks should never be disproportionate to the importance of the humanitarian problem to solve.

- The trial should be terminated immediately if there are reasons to believe that the damage, disability or death could result. According to Matsumoto, the Pentagon has violated these rules, betrayed the troops, and the fundamental duty of military and civilian leaders for the protection of their men. Since 1987 at least, the development of biological warfare has destroyed the well-being of tens of thousands of GIs used as human guinea pigs in experimental programs of vaccination against anthrax unauthorized containing squalene - an oil adjuvant (to increase immunity) It has been known for decades that this adjuvant can cause severe autoimmune diseases in laboratory animals. E 'was used anyway (unintentionally) could thus Vulgate its adverse effects on human health. Matsumoto says: The experiments described in this book and realized without ethics have never ceased. It was not because the intention to limit the requirements of national security and investigate, to put the immune system safely, but to exclude any form of liability. When Michael Whitehouse at UCLA School of Medicine and Frances Beck injected squalene in combination with other substances in rats and mice before 1970, some of these oily substances all had the ability to cause arthritis and multiple sclerosis plaque in animals . In 1999, Johnny Lorentzen immunologist at the Karolinska Institute, Sweden has shown that the injection of molecules seemingly trivial as squalene was found that the body is able to stimulate an immune response, self-destructive. Other studies show that the squalene content in an experimental vaccine against anthrax has caused devastating autoimmune diseases and death among many veterans of the Gulf War, the United States and Australia, continues to be used in laboratories developing new Perlo Vaccines ... There is a close relationship between animal diseases induced by squalene and those observed in humans when this product is injected: rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis and lupus erythematosus. ( "There are at least 24 scientific studies (peer-reviewed) of ten different laboratories in the United States, Europe, Asia and Australia documenting the development of autoimmune diseases in animals subjected to injections of squalene-based adjuvant (1). Dr. V. Scheibner who conducted extensive research on vaccine adjuvants says "squalene has produced a cascade of reactions, such as Gulf War Syndrome, arthritis, fibromyalgia, lymphadenopathy, chronic fatigue, chronic headaches, abnormal hair loss, skin lesions do not heal, ulcers, dizziness, memory loss, mood changes, neuropsychiatric problems, thyroid disorders, anemia, lupus erythematosus, multiple sclerosis, the syndrome of Sjorgen, Raynaud's, chronic diarrhea, the night sweats, fever (low)

... Matsumoto book (2) refers to several case studies of geographical indications that suffer from one or more symptoms noted above, their devastating effects, and reactions of the United States government refused to acknowledge their existence or the relationship between these diseases and vaccination ... According to Matsumoto, the squalene-based adjuvant is the main ingredient for a new generation of vaccines for mass immunization around the world, despite the researchers of the Faculty of Medicine of Tulane and the Walter Reed Military Institute have shown that the system immune reaction specifically to the molecule of squalene; The immune system recognizes as a molecule of your body squalene. It can be found in the knees, the elbows, the brain and nervous system. But when the molecule is injected into the body, the immune system tends to destroy it to remove it. Ingest and digest the squalene poses absolutely no problem, but the act of injections are given to stimulate the immune system, which tries to attack ... Matsumoto said that squalene can be considered as the limit for a biological bomb. In the

Soviet Union scientists have called "biological time bomb" ...

Matsumoto and Dr. Pam Asa must conclude that "these adjuvants (derived from oil), are chemicals designed ever more insidious." This also includes the squalene. Since the 80s the Soviets were aware that these products could be used as chemical weapons.

Matsumoto says that the real problem in the use of squalene is a molecule that mimics perfectly that is part of the body, and is exactly the same molecule. So what U.S. scientists have developed an immunity to the exciter is in fact a new nano-bomb capable of causing disease unpredictable, debilitating and chronic. When the NIH has argued that the squalene is safe, because it is part of the body, we can say that the opposite is true, and obviously still is. This is the nature of squalene injected into the human body is one of the most dangerous molecules that have never been administered to a human being. The use of this molecule in the vaccine is simply barbaric and criminal ....

It 'a pity that many vaccines currently under study at the NIH and collaborators squalene is contained in one form or another. There squalene in vaccines for HIV, malaria, herpes, influenza (including fever), cytomegalovirus and human papilloma virus. Some of these vaccines are intended for mass vaccination throughout the world. This should, in itself, leading them to terrorize all refuse any limitation of these vaccines.

Another problem is that sometimes take years to diagnose a problem of autoimmunity, because the symptoms (headache, joint pain, ...) are sometimes so vague that can be easily attributed to other causes. Experts have long believed that vaccinations have always been enough for hazards that may be characterized as biological weapons for the simple reason that they are capable of destroying the health, cause damage to the immune system and promote disease. The new solution for Big Pharma, the most powerful industry of vaccines, drugs and genetically modified substances that can influence or even lead to death, those who

particularly those people whose immune system is weakened. Matsumoto and others have triggered the alarm to warn the increased number of people advising them to avoid poisons, which are presented as protective drugs. In reality, these products benefit mainly companies that produce them and the scientists, who collect the real links.

Stephen Lendman, Globazl Research, June 10, 2009. 'And' dangerous prepare Americans to vaccinations mandatory, "(notes and extracts translation) Research Associate of the Center for Research on Globalization E-mail: lendmanstephen @, 2009 (1)flu vaccines New adjuvants: WARNING. ! Dr. Sherri Tenpenny (2) Gary Matsumoto: "Vaccine, the government hides the fatal experiment done on our soldiers and GI because they are only the first victims




Dr. Sherri Tenpenny (Excerpt)

In a review of 51 studies involving 260,000 children and 17 papers translated from Russian, the researchers concluded that "there was no evidence that the injection of influenza vaccine for children 6 to 23 months was more effective than placebo. # 3

For healthy adults the results were similar. The research is based on 25 studies with 60,000 participants. A new Cochrane group found that vaccination reduced the risk of influence by only 6% and reduced the number of days absent from work less than 1% (0.16%).

The researchers concluded that the results of this study not only signed the draft universal vaccination for healthy adults ( "The researchers concluded that" universal immunization of healthy adults has not been supported by the results of this review. " # 4

Regarding the elderly population, which was first scheduled for vaccination against influenza, the group is based on the Cochrane review of 64 studies and, in a tone of reproach, said: "The crowds of 100% efficiency is touted by proponents (vaccine influenza) could not be found anywhere ... What is, however, one can observe that the market rules that govern the issue of influence. Elements (tests) scientists are only in fourth or fifth. (. Rosenthal E. "Two studies question the effectiveness of influenza vaccines." The New York Times. 21 September 2005. A new study to be published in the prestigious medical journal, vaccines, offers the same Conclusions. The study was undertaken to determine whether the incidence of influenza had fallen in Ontario (Canada) following the vaccination campaign against influenza universal (uiic) in 2000. All cases of influenza diagnosed between January 1990 and August 2005 and confirmed by laboratories were analyzed. He has noted that "Despite an intense campaign of vaccination and the increase financial resources to promote vaccination, the national campaign of immunization has not been able to reduce the incidence of influenza. # 6



Dr. Sherri Tenpenny


 1 maggio 2006 <>

Vaccination of "every man, woman and child" has been in planning for at least the last several years. The current concept, created by former Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary, Tommy Thompson, [1] <> is advanced by his successor, Mike Leavitt [2]. <> Of course, Thompson predicted the mass vaccination with the vaccine against smallpox. But times have changed, and the influenza vaccine now seems to be the chosen instrument for those pursuing the universal vaccination agenda.
The fact that influenza vaccines are not effective in every age group hardly seems an issue for those who continually promote their use.

Several studies published in medical journals have documented that flu vaccines are ineffective in all ages. For example, The Cochrane Collaboration has developed a series of articles in the 2005 revision of the published literature to determine the effectiveness of the vaccine for influenza. Nothing to prove its usefulness was found.

In a review of 51 studies involving over 260,000 children, including among the 17 papers translated from Russian, the researchers concluded that "There is no evidence that injections for children aged 6 to 23 months of age with flu vaccines is more effective than placebo.

3] Per <>healthy adults, the results were similar. A total of 25 studies were reviewed that included more than 60,000 study participants. Again, The Cochrane Group found that vaccination reduced the risk of influence of a meager 6% and reduced the number of working days lost by less than one (0.16) days. The researchers concluded, "the universal immunization of healthy adults has not been supported by the results of this review."[4] <>

For the elderly population, the main target group for influenza vaccines, The Cochrane Group reviewed 64 studies and concludes that, "The runaway 100% effectiveness, which is touted by proponents [of the flu shot] was nothing to see ... What you see is that marketing rules the response to influenza, and scientific evidence comes fourth or fifth" [5] <>

A new study, prior to being published in the prestigious medical journal, the vaccine has led to the same conclusion. The study was undertaken to determine whether the incidence of influenza had decreased in Ontario, Canada after the introduction of universal influenza immunization campaign (UIIC) in 2000. All cases of laboratory confirmed influenza diagnosed between 1990 and January to August 2005 were analyzed. It was determined that "... despite intensified vaccination distribution and increasing financial resources used to promote vaccination, the incidence of influenza has not been diminished influence by the national fire campaign [6] < / vaccini / sherri.html # 6>

Perhaps something should be done to strengthen the influence of shot so that it can work better? During the week of April 17, 2006, The Washington Post has a story that not only enhance the use of vaccines against influenza, but the push for a new and improved version, saying: "Why wait for a pandemic to benefit from improved vaccines flu? [7] <>

The story went on to say that the National Institutes of Health (NIH) is planning to strengthen the influence of shot for the elderly "by adding an immune promoting shooting compounds called adjuvants.
An adjuvant is added to a substance to produce a high antibody response using the smallest amount of virus (antigen) as possible. By definition, adjuvants are "pharmacologically active drugs." They are designed to be "inert without inherent activity or toxicity," and yet they are required to "potently enhance the effects of other compounds" in vaccines.
[8] <http : / / / vaccini / sherri.html # 8>

It 'hard to explain how a substance can be defined as "pharmacologically active" and at the same time be described as "inert and has no activity or toxicity."
The limiting factor for the approval of new adjuvants has been that most of them are too toxic for human use. However, an adjuvant has been approved in Europe and its approval is on the road to be used in the United States is an oil-based adjuvant called MF-59, a compound primarily composed of squalene.
At first Acit, squalene seems a good choice for an adjuvant. Naturally produced in the liver, squalene is a precursor of cholesterol. Furthermore, squalene can be purchased at any health food store in its more commonly known, "shark liver oil." However, ingestion of squalene has a completely different body that an injection of squalene. When squalene molecules enter the body through injection, even at concentrations as small as 10 to 20 parts per billion, can lead to self-destructive immune responses, autoimmune diseases like arthritis and lupus.

[9] <http://www / vaccini / sherri.html # 9>

Several mechanisms have been proposed to explain this reaction. Metabolically, squalene stimulates an immune response and not too specifically. More than two dozen scientific review from ten different laboratories throughout the United States, Europe, Asia and Australia have been published to document the development of autoimmune diseases in animals receiving adjuvants based on squalene

[10] <http://www / vaccini / sherri.html # 10>

A convincing proposal for why this happens even the concept of "molecular mimicry", which has created an antibody against squalene in MF59 can cross react with the body of squalene on the surface of human cells. The destruction of the body of its squalene can lead to debilitating autoimmune diseases and central nervous system.

The squalene in MF59 is not the only cause for concern. One of its components, Tween80 (polysorbate 80) is considered as "inert", but is far from it. A recent study (December 2005) found that Tween80 can cause anaphylaxis, a sometimes fatal reaction characterized by a sharp drop in blood pressure, hives and difficulty breathing. The researchers concluded that the severe reaction was not a typical allergic reaction, characterized by a combination of antibodies IgE and histamine release, but was caused by a major disturbance that occurred within the immune system. [11] <http://www. / vaccini / sherri.html # 11>

The vaccine manufacturer, Chiron, is already using MF59 as a European flu vaccine for the elderly called Fluad . It remains to be seen whether Chiron will be to secure approval for the use of this adjuvant-containing vaccines in the U.S.. In the meantime and for the first time, all children aged from six months to five years will be vaccinated for influenza at the end of this autumn. Expect even more children to be on the list for the vaccine as early as 2007, discussions are under way to mandatory vaccination a group of healthy children between five and nine years as a compulsory school attendance.

With a record 120 million doses of vaccine should be produced for the 2006-2007 influenza season, to be ready for the big push for everyone to be vaccinated this fall. Believe that this is already a pre-psychological conditioning. The plan is to get everyone ready and willing to roll up their sleeves for an injection when it becomes available, as the influenza vaccine for the pandemic ".

Maintaining the right to refuse to become increasingly important, especially in the face of pressure concentrated by self-appointed experts of the CDC and the WHO. But remember this well: The "bird flu vaccine will not be effective for any influenza annually. Worse, there is a high probability that contain MF-59.


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And so, apparently, Sanofi Pasteur's (Sanofi-Aventis) has updated the leaflet to P and DT vaccine on the list of adverse reactions reads exactly:




Why, did not say that there was no correlation between VACCINES AND AUTISM?
So if a person does this vaccine and then became autistic,
THERE ARE NO BAMAGES because the BUGIARDINI said that could happen ...

Here's the source on p. 11 of PDF