The national and international press has often employed in our case




Finally in 1980, for the first time, the national press takes care of our case and make it his own journalist Maurizio Costanzo on his newspaper "The EYE". Subsequently, repeatedly and widely encouraged to revive the issue in his television program "The Maurizio Costanzo show" on Canale5, has never been more wanted or reintroduced, since the illness of my children was no longer the "mysterious disease" , But was diagnosed to be "an adverse reaction to the vaccine." Because this issue has become "TABU" for a program such as his that has always treated very hot topics?


Among other Norwegian press also takes care of our case

Article on the Norwegian magazine "Allers" May 27 1987

The cover of the magazine Norwegian "Allers"

Albert and Andrea small

Alberto drinking for probe

Alberto makes breathing gymnastics

Alberto with his brother Luke

The first newspaper "The Eye"


I do not deepen NEWSPAPERS never enough
the subject of numerous damage due to vaccines, WHY?


Usually make a fleeting mention of the news but immediately interview any doctor, (logically paid by "someone"), which minimizes the incident and reassuring words and persuasive arguments that the ordinary people remain in ignorance on the specific Bonaria and casually accepts full the surface assurances without ever verifying what really happened and why it happened.

I million cases of damage due to the various vaccines in the world, but lack of information on sovereign dominates. Not only that, but usually that "any doctor" (always logically laute paid by "someone") still trying to publicize and make other vaccines may not yet mandated but simply recommended terrorizing readers on possible very terrible consequences that incurs who does not submit a practical vaccine for those atrocious likely epidemics of diseases. Instead perhaps, they alleged epidemics exist only obscure in the minds of those who are attentive to the profits of those who produce and sell these mixtures of substances including toxic, impersonate magic formulas that prevent any disease but in reality, in some cases, have proven be deadly lethal weapons.

The logic of these events is, in my opinion, that to prevail always and everywhere a market economy to true prevention and protection of health of the people. It always says that the vaccine is safe, that does not produce damage, which serves to protect individuals, but when the damage happening, and happening now in an abnormal, it minimizes what happened, you try to hide, digress l ' public from the reality of the facts and information manipulated by wadding reassurances sometimes meaningless. People believe in these "dogmas" in these "paradigms" that anyone who has an interest in supporting shamelessly imposes no restraint to the public.

But when the people begin to think with their head, when you begin to want to check the real facts of evolution perhaps preparing serious and thorough epidemiological research? Unless some smart person does not even use the invention of a "vaccine" to remove the individual the ability to think, reason, touching hands with a "truth" so cruel and merciless. We want to wait perhaps until it sooner or later this bitter experience has involved, directly or indirectly, many others?


Let pressure on the media because they accurate and detail the many and serious damage caused by vaccines. If they want, they can do, because they or any of their family, tomorrow, could discover "VICTIM" of the same misinformation that often comes from themselves disclosed.