Correspondence with "religious" in Verona


Response of the Bishop of my city that already raised doubts by writing: "in his view".
The Catholic church has never wanted to see these realities, and still tries to
denied, why this behavior?

(What business es' intertwine yet interwoven between Faith and Medical Science)

Reply letter to his father Callisto Vendrame (Superior General of the Camillians).
(I have not had a response)


Correspondence with "religious" in Rome




Verona 8 Nov 1988

Preg. Calisto father,

Though very late, I answer to your kind letter, inviatami last July.
Referring to what you say, we recommend you make the most of my story, I think for now my idea is at least almost impossible to achieve.
To my great dismay, in fact, I continue to bump into obstacles that seem insurmountable.
To anyone who tries to raise awareness, not only my reality, but that of other families suffering like me from this terrible fate, I get a response, not only indifference, but above all a clear demonstration in wanting to disregard the fact and especially the causes of a This caused my situation.
My attempt, therefore, want to save other creatures such as mine, has been rendered useless and I was losing too many hopes in the possibility of being heard but mainly helped by someone.
Knowledge for its part, a decrease of serious harm caused by vaccines, in my experience I would say, it is only a mere utopia, because when we are both are cleverly hidden by doctors, by what authority, which look good from far can only trafelare news about the damage from the vaccine because it is too high the economic interests they represent.
Allow me also to bring them noted that only mandatory vaccinations not exist or contraindications, side effects or how it is emphasized for any medicine, they must not only administer and can discuss their effects.
You wish so much that she, as they mention in your letter, give me a hand to publicize this fact, I leave you to find the best and most appropriate, provided that I be given a chance to help the groped my neighbor.
Pending a response to his calls for an emergency aid towards me, I offer you my most cordial greetings.
                                                                              Giorgio Tremante


Religious matches


VERONA 1 March 1982

Holy Father,

They are, or rather I was, the father of four children, two of which are already in the glory of God.

I turned to you personally already in August 1980 because, during his court, I had confirmation from you of your personal interest, in addition to insurance for daily prayers, the problem that occasion the exposure, save two lives .

In true from the time I do not think there was direct involvement from you, despite subsequently asked repeatedly for a private exhibit better our problem, my request was refused on the grounds that too many commitments gravity.

Since then, many things have happened, including the death of one of my sister, Andrea, which I believe was produced mainly by the great inhumanity of the times in which we live.

Even Alberto, the other twin, was about to suffer the same fate in November 1980, but the Lord has willed that could save and arrogance despite the obtuseness of part of doctors who wanted him dead at any cost.

This dramatic story of my family is now forced to live for more than thirteen years, namely the start of the illness of our firstborn who died at the age of five and a half years in October 1971.

Even the death of first child, after many controversial diagnosis and wanted to be made to fit his illness, you spoke of an incompatibility in the Sabin vaccine that degenerated into the disease. This is certainly not an invention, a documentation testifies this absurd first experience that does not stipulate to the tragic outcome, but far more dramatic to me now appears that the next event, our bad grade, we were forced to relive, we have done the same way again that produced before the disease in our first son Marco, rather than with one child but twins, Alberto and Andrea.

In my heart I felt a force that repeatedly insisted that I no longer submit my children to vaccinations mandatory by law, but despite my determination, and my convictions, not doctor and I therefore considered incompetent in the matter, feces convince me,

Pressed in part by threats usually arise in those who do not want to subject their children to vaccination practices, in other words, the danger that they would be forced out by schools and anything that only now can understand how they had been unfounded, I did suffer my Despite the use of this restrictive practice on my children.

From here begins the second ordeal, not more, as I said already, with just one child but two.

Begin our wanderings for Italy and for Europe.

Maybe the doctors already knew these realities, but refused to disclose the repercussions will create a panic around the vaccination, so consequently tried to outdo each spasmodic way to search for any remedy to save the lives of our children, but unfortunately the September 22 1980 Andrea dies.

I felt defeated, destroyed, annihilated, but it is precisely because of this terrible situation of disintegration that the Lord came to me the strength to react, urging me to fight to save the lives of Alberto, gave me the opportunity to do so because, I am convinced that he wants me to be able to demonstrate that truth that most parties and by any means, licit and illicit, wants to be totally concealed.

In my ordeal human not find relief, if not a few, I find only bad faith and lack even only think of touching a subject as sensitive and for some time firmly rooted that it will accept only the benefits that these practices have led and not risk and the damage that they have the same work, I will lead to controversy, we talk, discuss, you spend a lot of words but action remains static, immobile, you have to show a terror sacrosanct truth that can damage especially economic interests of some powerful, so up to now the truth can be stifled, increasingly so convincing myself that the inhumanity always prevail over reason and good sense.

This powerful force detrimental to my son and for a number of other children like him have to suffer the oppression and maybe even pay with their lives mistakes that in some cases are associated with coldness and inhumanity that only 'Human being, to make known to cover all alone to defend those interests dirty exclusively representing the only force of human power.

Our story, for my part, is accepted with faith and this gives me the strength to act and react whenever the overpowering human humiliation try to destroy me to make it so innocent.

I am firmly convinced that Christ is this force that human reason considers utopian, which leads me to believe that a struggle just and sacrosanct to demonstrate that every individual has the right to life above speculative interest.

The right to life, unfortunately, in the case of my children has remained only a beautiful phrase devoid of meaning.

I say this to your Holiness for the umpteenth time, convinced that, as the representative of Christ on earth, will plead this cause, acknowledging that the only way that Christ himself taught us to be that of light and truth, not the darkness of masking, which is why you should not ever be afraid of the light, always acting in it, remaining at all costs always consistent with what he himself taught us, even when defending it through this light might seem a disconcerting reality made of human misery.

I am therefore convinced that Christ enlighten the mind of Your Holiness when I read this letter, certainly incomplete and perhaps even without those words friendly and that certainly befits a Pontiff, but no less clear, crisp, devoid of those interests essentially only human, but aims to reach shed light on our whole story, because it will certainly benefit other creatures, so that the truth finally surface, so that light can become, even for us, synonymous with the One who declared to be the way, truth and life.

Yours very truly, in Christ child

Giorgio Tremante