Correspondence with "S. Pertini - R. High - M. P. Garavaglia - L. Toti - T. Anselmi "







Verona 18.07.1982


Mr President,

  I appeal to you again, this time driven by the need of having to ask the "Grace" for the life of my son.
Alberto was sentenced to death by the alleged medical science.
After long and painful research, done in one sense, to show something of convenience to hide what appears obvious but inconvenient, this science want to wear a hereditary genetic disease that does not exist, because your body has no right to insult a viral who had to suffer.
The road that we did go with all three children was a way that there has never given any chance of success, precluding perhaps the only way, that is virological and immunological, we would probably get the improvement of health of the child was alive, citing as justification that this route is uneconomical to go.
Images are after two tragedies in the past, having to accept this conviction because this science of power is not to demonstrate the onset of abnormal reactions sometimes inappropriate due to the use of certain medications.
Minister of Health Hon. Renato Altissimo, at the time ordered an epidemiological and virological investigation which, of course, was never made even if some were willing series of proposals, written for this search, but unfortunately it was rejected leaving only basis on certain assumptions and reasoning made a convenient table. That is why my child was never seen it even looked by team that the Minister had instructed.
Explanation perhaps just for me but illogical, you do not want the scandal. In this way more complete corruption, I find it difficult to see those praised both human and moral values that you, Mr. President, with admirable force of will and stubborn tenacity with us for a better Canada.
I appeal to your high sense of responsibility in those moral and humanitarian values to beg on his knees because this murder is not consumed.
I've already lost two sons and wonder why no explanation, I think that we are reviewing human and therefore we can all make mistakes, but crime spoke deliberately and consciously when you want to persist in the same mistake.
Please excuse my outburst human, but as a father and as a man trying to understand and help, if you like, certainly he can do.
Of course you can not ignore my plea, look forward to your prompt an interest.
While I offer you my thanks for what they will do together to sign my deepest admiration and trust.
In witness

Georgio Tremante


From newspaper "Il Gazzettino", 24 April 1984 (two years after my request for "grace")


The Health Minister Renato Altissimo in 1981 establishing a Ministerial Commission
to shed light on the case of my children,
this Commission has never wanted to see my son Alberto!!!


Ask the Hon. M. Pia Garavaglia with an obligation. Tina Anselmi
(requires information on future law for damage from the vaccine)


Letter of Leonardo Toti, Director General of Care Post, with an obligation. M. Pia Garavaglia
(assures its interest on future law for damage from the vaccine as early as 1991)


How many of these and many already known "Cases trembling" should happen even before the institutions give to prevent these genocides?
Not fake promises never kept, but with actions to prevent such tragedies.
Here is perhaps as:

1 - removing the requirement that vaccine now has become anachronistic in 2000.

2 - Giving the correct information to people not only on the supposed benefits, but simultaneously in the "real" damage that these practices include so used indiscriminately as has been done so far.

3 - proposing an immunological preventive screening on all subjects that may be subjected to the practice of immunization.
4 - Revaluation Finally, the budget "cost - benefit" through a serious and proper epidemiological research, free from the power of multinationals.

YEAR 1982

Al Sign. Giorgio Tremante

Presidente dell’Associazione A.L.V.



On. Sandro Pertini

Palazzo del Quirinale