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Report to Congress "VIVISECTION O SCIENCE: A CHOICE TO MAKE" 8 November 1989


We created this site to tell the story of our son and to share with other parents the news that we have collected about brain tumors and vaccinations in children.
These stories are intended to help parents make decisions enlightened when it comes to the health of their children, particularly in the case were affected by a tumor. For my husband and me, this news is all the knowledge that we would have liked to have on these issues, when we were confronted with a disease of our children, during the autumn of 1998.
In addition to cancer and chemotherapy, we address the problem of child vaccination, because a large number of medical articles highlight a possible link between vaccination and increases in the number of tumors in children, especially brain tumors.
On 10 August 1998, we have learned so that our son Alessandro, two years, had been suffering from a brain tumor common in children: a medulloblastoma. After Alessandro has undergone two brain operations, my husband and I have identified a non-toxic treatment that seemed to be effective in the treatment of brain tumors. On 21 September 1998, the Federal Agency of Health we refused, however, access to this treatment that could save perhaps Alessandro.
Doctors have said that without chemotherapy - they qualified for treatment at medical - cancer reappeared quickly. Without knowing anything effectiveness or potential dangers of chemotherapy, we had the intuition that this was not the best choice possible. But since the Ministry of Health had refused to Alessandro another alternative, there were several other options.
A reluctantly, we had to start chemotherapy on October 7. The protocol called CCG 9921 was 4 administer intravenous medicines to the vincristine, the Cisplastine the Cyclophosphamide (also known as Cytoxan) and VP16 (also called etoposide). Alexandre ended its third month of treatment in December 1998 and died on January 31 1999. He had just turned two and a half years.
After the death of our child, we tried to understand. But doctors were unable to clearly answer our questions. Why our child had cancer? What was the cause? Because this form of cancer was significantly increased in children in the United States? Why our child had died during treatment, but later had only one fourth of the protocol established?
Since my husband and I had already worked in the medical field, we knew where to find the answers. We spent a whole year to read everything we could find on the subject. Our job was to read the scientific articles, in communicating to doctors and researchers. We have collected many experiences of other parents whose children were dead after unleashed from cancer vaccines, and we were informed about what treatments were performed for these types of tumors. This long search has ended up bringing the beginning of responses.
For example, we discovered that the protocol, we said to be in at that moment and where our son had received had been recognized as ineffective for several years already. In 1994, the same drugs used in chemotherapy were administered to children two years later and declared to be still the non plus ultra.
We were not ever been informed of failure of this treatment. We found that we were not the only parents to be victims of this intentional misinformation.
Currently, it continues to mislead the parents and to prescribe the same drugs are dangerous for children. And even if you know for certain that the conventional therapies do not work, does not have some other choice .. In fact, when doctors discovered our hesitation about this chemotherapy, we have even threatened to withdraw Alessandro court decision to (take away the parental authority).
We have written to more than 30 members of Congress about our findings, and have expressed considerable interest when discussing the topic in Congress itself. We wanted to divide the frightening experience of our son with the medical world and we want so that other parents have the knowledge that perhaps will allow them to make sure that their children do not suffer the same fate of our own.
We encourage parents to assert their right to be informed before giving their consent for any medical intervention on their child. This implies a total understanding of the risks and benefits of proposed treatment. For this, it is likely that you have to do research for yourself, read books, scientific articles. Medline The site offers more than nine million articles come from the best medical journals around the world on hundreds of different

Ionics. We strongly recommend this excellent source, as well as reading the notice of any medicine or vaccine before administering to your child.






Terry has seven years and lives with the help of a respirator and professional medical care 24 hours on 24. Can move his eyes and may grumble but can not move his head. Terry was paralyzed by polio vaccinations after taking the live virus contained in the oral polio vaccine to nine weeks. Terry was a beautiful child, the only child of parents born in Alabama. Blond blue-eyed mother described him as a "flash" her skin color pink and healthy, Terry was a child happy, healthy, strong from birth. He was perfect and trying to keep his head straight when she was only two months.
Terry to nine weeks, his doctor to administer her first DPT with oral polio vaccine. In the 48 hours after vaccination Terry began to sleep more than usual so that his mother could not wake to eat. Terry breathing became shallow and the pink of her skin turned gray and speckled. When Terry's mother called the doctor, she was told to wait until morning to move it from him. But the mother of being concerned about Terry decided not to wait until the morning, took his child and brought him nell'ambulatorio the doctor without an appointment.
When the nurse saw the color of Terry, immediately seized immediately and the administering of oxygen. It was called an ambulance to carry him to the hospital. When the doctor asked the Mother of Terry what had happened, she remembered the doctor that Terry had just been vaccinated but the doctor said he thought that the vaccine had not anything to do with the condition of Terry. But though he wrote on medical records that Terry should no longer receive any of DPT vaccine.
To the hospital, Terry was attached to a respirator. For two months, Terry was fed through a tube in the nose and had to remain attached to a respirator 24 hours a day while a laboratory test after another was made of discover groped for what had happened. All tests gave negative results. Parents of Terry we held a talk that the vaccines were administered but nobody wanted to listen.
Terry was nearly six months in a resuscitation room while doctors tried a clue about the cause of his sudden collapse and paralysis. A biopsy of the muscle seemed to demonstrate a disease-Werdig Hoffman which is similar to Lou Gehrig's disease but a biopsy done after a gap left to support the discovery. When Terry returned home after almost eight months in hospitals, a local neurologist who investigate the causes of disease Terry found a reference manual of neurology that is discovered that the oral polio vaccine could trigger the disease Wernig which is similar to the disease to Hoffman.
Today Terry passes most of his time in bed or in a reclining chair and is visited by teachers, physiotherapists, speech therapists and occupational therapists. Why the respirator that keeps him alive is so great that it can not be transported, and that is why unable to leave his house most of the time. Terry still uses diapers and must bring a permanent catheter because of kidney problems. Although sometimes can swallow a little bit of solid food, is primarily fed through a tube in his nose. The function of a nurse is set to hold the pipes that allow him to eat and breathe so fit, but unfortunately often goes into respiratory arrest and experience as other medical emergencies that send to the hospital. Even with the serious damage that the live vaccine has left, Terry loves Barney and he likes to have his parents and therapists close to her bed. His Dad says that when he wants something special to take a look. He likes to be hugged and held close but he can not do the same.
In 1996, the U.S. Court of Claims in Washington, DC officially admitted that the paralysis of Terry was caused by the live polio vaccine that as each child received.
Terry died melancholic, January 8 1999.
Today, the only cases of polio in the United States are caused by the oral polio vaccine alive. Centers for reports of Diseases Control admits that there are eight to ten cases of vaccine associated polio in the United States every year but one can put another disturbing question to know how many cases like Terry still not diagnosed.






Eight years, Anna can not sit without support or can not walk without equipment to the teeth as a pawn. Most of his time sitting in his wheelchair. Anna remained paralyzed after he was injected the vaccine MMR (measles, mumps and rubella) at the age of 15 months. Anna was the second of two children born to a family in Virginia. It was a bright and healthy girl had started to move the first steps and walk to 13 months. When the time came he was injecting the first MMR vaccine at 15 months, the pediatrician told his mother he could expect anywhere a mild reaction from 10 days to two weeks after the vaccine that eventually would include cold symptoms or a rash.
Nine days after vaccination, Anna had a runny nose and a fever very low. His mother said no weight to those who showed symptoms but Anna was very irritable. Although the symptoms disappeared after cold, Anna returned not to be that happy child of the first steps had been as cheerful once. Instead he continued his strange behavior, crying and wanting to constantly be kept in arm. Anna then began to stumble and fall to the ground. When Anna's mother called the pediatrician, he advised to put ice on the leg where he had an injection to Anna and gave her Tylenol. Fourteen days after the MMR vaccine was injected, Anna's mother reported her daughter from the pediatrician. Even if Anna had always played and rice with his pediatrician, this time instead cried when he tried to come to you close.
In subsequent six weeks, Anna lost the ability to sit and walk. A doctor suggested that was seen by a psychologist to determine why Anna was refusing to walk. When Anna's mother consulted a neurologist, the neurologist immediately hospitalization Anna with a diagnosis of suspected cancer backbone. The MRI of his brain showed that there were white matter lesions in his brain. All other tests were negative. Anna continued to deteriorate and lost all control of the trunk and legs. When trying to sit down, you wiggle like a rag doll. Almost every week had a fever for two or three days. Laboratory tests after laboratory tests were performed for groped to find out what had happened. In a period of four weeks, endured seven lumbar puncture. During a hospitalization, Anna worst completely limp and doctors feared he had lost the ability to breathe alone said that was to be attached to a respirator.
Anna was subsequently subjected to steroid therapy that helped to regain his personality and his brain stem further deterioration. However, she remained paralyzed at the bottom of the body, with involvement of the top. Anna now lives in a wheelchair. As she grows and becomes higher and heavier, it becomes impossible for her to keep the right leg. Anna loves to swim underwater because he says his body feels free.
In 1993, the U.S. Court of Claims in Washington, DC admitted officially that Anna suffered a post-vaccination encephalopathy after vaccination MMR (measles, mumps and rubella), which is performed when children begin to move their first steps






Richie was a child of two months grew prosperous, the second son born to a family in the state of New York when he was given his first DPT, vaccinated in winter of 1983. The older brother of Richie had had severe reactions to the DPT vaccine, including high fever, redness and swelling at the injection site uncontrollable crying, diarrhea and vomiting but the pediatrician had reassured the mother of Richie that these were "normal reaction" to DPT vaccine and was told not to worry. The Mother of Richie who was a nurse and was prepared to follow the vaccination with DPT Richie much to be an uneasy observer.
On the evening of the day when Richie was vaccinated with her first DPT, the area surrounding the site of injection began to swell. The Mother of Richie remembered that the brother of the Richie had inflated the leg after vaccination with the DPT vaccine. But next to the hip Richie became flushed red and soon the redness began to spread out from the site of injection in spotting round. Still, Richie did not have a fever and continued to drink from his bottle of milk, so the Mother of Richie is not worried. During the night, Richie woke up crying, then returned to sleep. But the morning awoke shouting "like a cat in pain." Mother of Richie thought that his hip same annoyed.
After a short nap Richie awoke crying again but his tears were weaker. After taking another bottle of milk rimise to sleep. An hour later appeared severe diarrhea with mucus in his diaper. And he fell asleep. Then again until it woke up again crying. This lasted until the Mother of Richie went to pick it, he found the soaked pierced two covers of receiving a smell musty, pungent. While the washing, limp and noticed that the set with "eyes" dark. Instead of having a fever, felt the cold as ice with cold hands. Happy that her child had a fever, is not worried. Probably thought that the house was too cold and dressed him plenty. Richie slowly drank eight ounces of water from his bottle and later that day more than three dirty diapers with abundant diarrhea. His leg seemed to still be sore. When sleep, his fingers are contorsero slightly. Later muzzle on the nipple of his bottle and vomiting a little. The Mother of Richie remembered as the brother of Richie had had diarrhea and vomiting after their vaccinations, and so is not worried.
That evening while the mother of Richie was giving a bottle, suddenly stopped sucking. Then he began to sigh. Alarmed, called the doctor and described the symptoms and asked him to prepare an emergency room. The doctor said that he was not required hospitalization. The doctor seemed not worried. A few minutes later, Richie died in the arms of his mother, his father and older brother by six years looked. 33 hours had passed since the doctor had injected the first DPT vaccine.
Fourteen weeks after his death, Richie's parents received the results described examinations that the enlarged thymus gland (the gland that helps and that regulates the immune response in the body) as and edema congestion in the lungs and brain.
Not satisfied with the outcome examinations, Richie's parents made an appointment to speak with the pathologist who performed the autopsy, just arrived in his office, the pathologist gave them an article entitled "The Pathologist and the Syndrome of Infantile Death and Sudden. But the Mother of Richie knew that her child died from SIDS. The specialist, with the Chair of Contact Medical studies of DPT vaccine, the mother described in detail precisely what happened in vaccination after Richie. The specialist listened to and wrote on the death certificate that the cause of death of Richie was "cardio-circulatory arrest irreversible due to a likely reaction to the DPT."
After the death of his parents Richie discharged, that the vaccine that Richie had received could not be inactivated and still responsive and that perhaps should have been investigated. Richie's parents were worried because it was likely that other children die because of the same vaccine that Richie had received. No official health never contacted the family to discover what happened to Richie. There was never an investigation into this death will be the manufacturer, will be part of the state, county or by them from the federal Centers for Disease Control even if they had any notification of the death of Richie. It seemed so parents to Richie that no one had taken care that their child had died, and for the most part the government was concerned that was the least likely that other children were at risk of dying as had happened to Richie.
Richie's family presented a request to the Compensation Program Damage from vaccine in 1989 and was officially recognized and received from U.S. Court of Claims in Washington, DC, recognizing that the DPT vaccine caused the death to Richie.
A more complete profile that describes what happened to Richie and his family can be found in the book A Shot in the Dark by Harris Coulter and Barbara Loe Fisher.






During the first 13 days of his life, Nicholas, it showed the same as every other child. Ate well. When asleep, slept well. Behaved as my first child just when he returned home from the hospital. Nicholas was vaccinated for hepatitis B that after checking out of his regular pediatrician the 13 days of his life. That night when went inside home from work, I noticed that Nicholas was crying a lot more than usual. Indeed, he was shouting for a long time. It was behaving differently, but why? The had just brought to the doctor for a check-General and we had said that he was a child healthy and robust, so we thought that everything was OK. When it was moved only slightly 'meticulous, as children sometimes do, we do not know anything about vaccines and even that could cause problems for children.
Nicholas wept for most of the night. When I woke up and went to work the next day, he was still crying. He continued during most of the day and evening. The morning after, his mother found him dead in the cradle. .
Fu made the autopsy the next day. A couple of weeks later, our pediatrician told us by telephone that the autopsy showed that Nicholas had died due to syndrome of sudden infant death. He told us that Nicholas was one of the most healthy children who had seen him. What I knew then, but now I know, is that the pediatrician had a relationship dopo17 day of the death of Nicholas, the office of the government which was to record adverse reactions of vaccine, VAERS. In VAERS, the death of Nicholas' is listed as SIDS. even if I did not know anything about it vaccines or SIDS, something told me that there must have a reason why Nicholas died, and I had to find out why.
After having seen an article in the Washington Post of the Institute of Medicine reports on adverse events associated with childhood vaccines, Nicholas's father called the Information Center of the National Vaccine and began to talk to experts and to investigate deaths and childhood vaccines. Fortunately, a clinical professor of pathology who had prepared a medical report on Nicholas', on autopsy and slides stated in writing that Nicholas died not because of SIDS but died a cardiac death, caused by changes of congestive passive with pulmonary edema and haemorrhage caused by of immunization active vaccine for hepatitis B. The pathologist said "I do not think that this is a death syndrome, sudden infant death.'s Syndrome and Sudden infant death is the most abused diagnosis in pediatric pathology. In this particular case, the child had only two weeks.'s Death Sudden infant and children in two weeks is not so rare that I ever heard. "
The pathologist continued to claim that Nicholas was at high risk of congestive heart attack because his mother had gestational diabetes, but he would certainly survived if he had not suffered stress induced by vaccination for hepatitis B.





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