Dr. Gian Battista Rossi

Dr. G.Paolo Vanoli

Giorgio Tremante - Francesca Barzini

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Giorgio Tremante - Francesca Barzini

Giorgio Tremante - Francesca Barzini

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Fernanda Bartoli




The service was "Samarkand", conducted by Michele Santoro and Francesca Barzini, took its cue from the story of Mrs. Bartoli of Pescara, which, along with seven other families in the same city, refused to vaccinate her daughter because, he said, the dangers of vaccinations. For this reason, the girl could not be accepted at school. Already many national newspapers had raised the case. The debate, already on, is even more animated when I was asked to tell my story. My exposure began by saying that I was one of the founders of the "League for Freedom of Vaccinations" along with Dr. Vanoli, then began to tell my sad story; At some point during my speech, attacked the front Institute of Health that evening in the transmission represented by two officials, Dr. Grandolfo and Dr. Rossi, epidemiologist and virologist from the same institute. Attacked almost two officials, saying that "at the Higher Institute of Health niche." Since it was officially given their office by the Minister of Health Renato Altissimo, to consider carefully our case to try to shed light on the illness of my children. Unfortunately, after many years, these specialists engaged in work, had not produced anything, refusing even to see my son Alberto, the sole survivor of this tragedy. In my view, their intent, as usual, was intended only to cover and hide everything had proved useful to demonstrate the damage vaccine. So things went very interesting, Dr Vanoli said that for years had been vaccinated with vaccine affected by the virus carcinogenic (cancer producing) and SV40 virus from HIV (the AIDS). So taken unawares by these violent statements, the two officials will irritate a lot, invest against Vanoli and contrasts their motives in order to safeguard the safety and purity, they say, vaccines. It was a very eventful evening, because the conductor Michele Santoro had in turn tried to defend the view of Dr. Vanoli, saying that these reports were known for some time because it appeared in the international press. My intention, in addition to support what Dr Vanoli said, was to make it clear to viewers that the League had risen to waive the requirement for vaccinations and thus freedom of choice, as indeed it had already happened then in almost all European nations. Also wanted to recognizing the damage caused by vaccines so that those who were affected could be compensated for the damage suffered. Dr. Rossi then tried to justify why der, arguing that it could make and could remove, but this depended primarily on the degree of civilization of peoples. It meant that, by these words, that the Italian population, given the persistence of the vaccine, the population was certainly "uncivil". These officials as arrogant and presumptuous of dictators are believed to have caused compare with people unprepared and timid, and instead, as was the evening, the end will perhaps understand that our motives were valid and that they should have been afraid to future, even if on their side there was the "potentate", that people would understand that these were truly motivated our concerns. Finally, one might have come to discover, though slowly, the "Cawodydd THE MEDAL" of vaccinations, trying to change that presumptuous budget COST - BENEFIT "so far there had only favorable as" BENEFIT "was the time to be able to reassess the "COSTS" Unfortunately until now always deliberately concealed or denied in advance.

On 27 February 1992 to participate broadcast on RAI 2 "Diogenes"


They are images taken from a TV, certainly not beautiful, but who wish to demonstrate, however, my participation on RAI 2 in the transmission "Diogenes", which I strongly objected to the Senator Marinucci, Secretary for Health, and the pediatrician Dr. Sandro Ungari who completely denied the existence of the damage from the vaccine and is firmly opposed to freedom of vaccinations even tried, at that time (1992), making mandatory the other yet. In spite of the program has made waves in the testimonies of three parents who said that their sons, one of them even died, had been affected by diseases, unidentified, after the vaccination practice. This is to show that both Senator Marinucci that the pediatrician, wanted as usual not see these realities. "There is no worse blind man who does not want to see it worst of those deaf not to hear." The vaccine is a topic "TABU". From Varese, telephone, the lawyer intervened Molinari, who was the first to receive compensation of 600 million lira in favor of Mrs. Oprandi Iside, which had become polio for infection with the feces of his newly vaccinated child. Even this seemingly trivial recommendation not to touch the excrement of their children vaccinated as soon as is suggested by the ever practice mandated vaccine when parents bring their children to autpatient be submitted to the vaccine, why?



Dear Santoro,
I attended on January 26 1989 to broadcast to you conduct "Samarkand", in the evening there was also "against vaccination." I was present to report the death of my two children and the handicap of one third due to adverse reaction to immunization. So was my only complaint was then transformed into "objective reality" when in 1995 the Ministry of Health admitted that the causation of the death of my two sons and the invalidity of the third was attributable to vaccination, finally giving reason. So, my son Alberto, survivor of this tragedy, I snatched from the hands of doctors who wanted him dead, and brought home with an automatic respirator, had 13 years, this year my son will turn 32 years. His life is still conditioned to the use of a respirator as doctors, instead of treating it as time was to be treated, tried everything to worsen his situation to show a bogus argument that wanted to wear to hide the truth of the damage Vaccination, not to create then said, a precedent. Many years have gone by that evening, I still remember your complacency towards me because, despite my excitement, I was able to counter two officials of the Institute top Health, Professor G. B. Rossi and Professor M. Grandolfo. Jealously keep the videotape of that evening. I managed to say only thanks to your generous participation in my drama, with your support I managed to say everything I had into the heart to say. Today in long distance and the controversies that have arisen around the vaccinations, I have founded various associations, I published a book in Italy in 2001 which later came out translated in French in France titled "age and vaccinated right o. .. life? "in 2005. Given the importance of that you have raised, "the white mafia", why not talk about these genocides that are made in complete silence independent media? Now are countless cases of vaccine damage, from a search of the Veneto region, the only region that since 1/1/08 has lifted its mandatory vaccination, are to be from 1993 to 2005 in the Veneto region alone, about 4,000 cases of reactions Adverse certainty associated with vaccination. Why is not possible to verify how many cases have occurred and are still happening throughout the country? Who would be responsible to do this research does not want it, because who knows remove the lid a big pot is now boiling. Continuing this situation so ambiguous and advertising, to interest the merits of vaccination campaigns and also spending taxpayers' money for this propaganda, while mention the many damages that the practice of immunization is scattered everywhere, creating new diseases and sometimes incurable degenerative. I hope very much that you should consider this topic, to give voice to those who can not speak, as my son Alberto who is 28 years bearer Tracheostomy and for that reason can not make sounds from the mouth, but I guarantee you that if he could, would shout to the world his anger to continue to see that despite our information that may warn parents, still is perpetrated deliberately for this silence, this carnage of human beings.

I remain at your disposal for any questions you may be useful.

NEWS ON NOW: Hepatitis B: The heads of laboratories placed under investigation in France. - Fourteen years after the national vaccination campaign against hepatitis B, the heads of laboratories "Glaxo SmithKline" having developed and marketed the vaccine were placed under investigation for "trickery AGGRAVATED" for not having declared all supposed side effects.
THE GLAXO SMITHKLAIN is located in my hometown in Verona, because it is put under investigation in Italy?
For this reason I have encountered numerous difficulties to prove the damage suffered by my children, because in my city is the headquarters of the Italian multinational producer of vaccines !!!!!!!
With great esteem and affection I greet you cordially.

                                                                                                        Giorgio Tremante
Verona 1 February 2008




President of A.L.V. (Association of Victims of Vaccines)
Instructed by the Ministry of Health representative of vaccine-damaged Italian
Italian the referent. E.F.V.V. (European Forum for Vaccine Vigilance)


Letter sent (via e-mail) to Michele Santoro after the episode titled:
"The Mafia Bianca" transmission "Year Zero" of January 2008

(never been answered)

Michele Santoro even longer deal with this. . . “TABOO SUBJECT” ?


On 26 January 1989 to participate broadcast on RAI 3 "Samarkand"