Dr. Michele Grandolfo, epidemiologist of the Superior Health, as usual, tried to terrorize listeners with half the usual media terrorism, stating frightful disasters that would have certainly happened in the absence of vaccination. Propaganda, as a good MENAGER, the major advantages obtained with the vaccine, alleging that he had thus avoided "roboanti numbers" of cases of infectious diseases of various kinds, without realizing that he was giving only the "virtual numbers", on which Nobody had ever any possibility of verification. As usual, supported by good Lubrano, tried to incutere fear around the disease and proposed as the only remedy to these in its potential disasters of infectious diseases, absolutely indiscriminate use of various vaccines, as if they were always just been the sole and absolute "cure" for the salvation of all humanity. When it was caught unprepared for an application that position, namely: "Since the handbook of vaccinations is reiterated that we should not use live virus vaccines if there in person to be vaccinated, immune deficiency any primary or secondary," asking him in same time, "What does the Italian State, which imposes an obligation assiduously vaccines, to determine whether there is in this sense any immune defect? " Knowing well the doctor Grandolfo that nothing was then done on this matter, as even today is not done nothing, imbarazzatissimo for the unexpected demand, began to recite his usual " poetry of Butterfly ", recalling, he said, an exhortation an elderly relative. These, unfortunately, are the "usual" officials of the Istituto Superiore di Sanita, who have the specific task of protecting our health, sometimes exclusively instead protect the interests of those who produces and markets vaccines, defending a sword is just such economic interests. What made this appearance compassionate character who, perhaps in health, has become "important" even today! In the same broadcast, deferred, intervened even the great American scientist Albert Sabin, certainly in favor of vaccinations, who had heard that in Italy they wanted to pass a compulsory vaccination for hepatitis B, said to be very surprised to this, saying in these words: 'It is a trivial error "..

On 4

December 1991 to participate broadcast on RAI 3 "I send Lubrano"

On 16 January 1996 two-part television: "Forum" network 5 and "Day by Day" network 4.


In the morning I attended, as requested, the television broadcast on Channel 5 "Forum", led by Rita Dalla Chiesa, beside us, as contradictory, was called a pediatrician in Arezzo, Dr Italo Farnetani. The conductive began with ask questions about my story, I slowly began to tell in my ears comes the murmur of spectators that pointed to the "ho ho" when I did some statements about what had happened. Ms. Dalla Chiesa was still very shaken by my story and confessed publicly that when he had to submit to vaccinations for their children, was terrified to think what might have happened if it had been an adverse reaction to the vaccine. Finished telling my story, Dr Farnetani taken the floor, his intention was only to defend vaccines, calling them the most safe and harmless to the world, indeed, he had to impose more mandatory vaccines. Primarily interested him more propagandize the usefulness of vaccination for hemofilus flu, maybe it was affixed been invited to disseminate this type of vaccine. It involved as a genuine scientific informant. " I was then invited on the afternoon of that day, to participate in the television broadcast "Day by Day", conducted by Cecchi Paone, who had asked the lady from the church to be able to have in your program. Accepted the invitation and so we are seated around a large table on which were drawn several newspapers and magazines, yet to resume the long standing problem of damage from the vaccine. In addition to the conductor, Mrs Dalla Chiesa and Dr Farnetani, I asked who could participate in another parent who had seen a child die as a result of vaccination. My proposal was accepted and thus could participate in Mr. favorites of Frosinone. The debate had turned after that Mr. Bookmark told what was captain when he was found wanting to prove the damage suffered by the vaccine. As had happened to me, for medical records, autopsy disappeared, and also wanted it to go crazy. The comparison is made ever more animated, especially when the pediatrician made an absurd statement, said that there was only one case of injury and death from the vaccine. On hearing these words, sincerely offended by what I had lived and suffered, threaten to get up and leave. However intervened Cecchi Paone who took over the situation and tried to calm the waters by introducing a lighter topic. In the end, however, the same conductor made a sound "sviolinata" in favor of vaccination, perhaps because he was paid by advertisers who are targeted primarily at private TV propagandize for, among other things, including vaccines.