Lettre from Verona member of Rifondazione Comunista Tiziana Valpiana.
(is repeated the word "TABU" that creates a climate of mystery around the vaccination)


Perhaps discovered because of the "TABU '" of vaccines?


Letter sent to the Director of Health USSL 20
(mailed anonymous)

That is what is "safe" vaccines that are sold and used on us
and our children! ! !
(This is just one of many examples sure).
Generally is to
"close the barn when the horse is bolted!”


It 'just think that to impose vaccines multinationals paid and still pay fior di money? If this study is proposed, in addition to steal the consent of parents, (we should also see what kind of information was actually given to attract consensus), 100,000 lire per person vaccinated, imagine what pushed in this direction has been given to vaccinate as many players for collecting the largest number of shares equal to 100,000 pounds each!

How can we call this the "proposal" if not with a simple word .............                                                        "Corruption" ............. or do not they? ?

From newspaper "THE VERONESE", 11 September 1994
(instead of shedding light on vaccine damage, "the government strengthening the rules on mandatory vaccine")