From newspaper "The ARENA", 11 August 2000


Correspondence with "R. Bindi C.A. Ciampi - G. Sirchia "



At the Sign. Minister of Health
Hon. Rosi Bindi
c / o Ministry of Health
20 Avenue of Industry
00144 ROMA

To the President of the Republic
Carlo Ciampi Azelio
Palazzo del Quirinale
00100 ROMA




Verona 8 February 2000



Giorgio myself Tremante notes that:

I have submitted to vaccinations mandatory by law my children, the firstborn Marco in 1966, and twins Andrew and Alberto an egg third geniti, in 1976.

Unfortunately, because of mandatory vaccinations, the first Marco and one of the twins, Andrew, died, the first in 1971 and the second in 1980, the other twin an egg Andrew, remained severely disabled. It has taken years to get twenty-five by the Ministry of Health official admitted that scientific polio vaccine was the cause of death of my two children and the invalidity of the third.

In 1990 I filed legal action against the Ministry of Health to obtain fair compensation by the state for the massive loss suffered. Later, having been approved by Parliament the law 210 in 1992 recognized the damage produced by biological vaccines, I have traveled the regular administrative process for recognition of the right to compensation established by the law itself.

The Hospital Medical Commission charged by the Ministry of Health has finally recognized the causal link between the vaccine, the death of one of my twins and disabling disease of the second twin, even with the assent of the Council of Health in 1995.

For the first Mark, then there is not enough scientific evidence, as in the sixties immunology fulfilled its early stages, the Medical Hospital admitted no causal link with the vaccination, then set feces appeal, in time established by law 210, producing further scientific Medico Legal Office of the Ministry of Health later admitted the causal link with the vaccine and the death of my first son Marco.

The same ministry acknowledged that the administration of the vaccine is the cause of severe disability of Alberto sister survived.

I asked him to obtain recognition of the plurality of pathology for the invalid son Alberto, who lives attached to a respirator automatic night, is still powered only by nasogastrica has quadriplegia and requires a continuous assistance briefcase front desk, unfortunately l ' exercise of this right from me, is becoming an opportunity by the Ministry of Health to extend and renew for myself a situation of further human suffering and existential that borders the absurd.

The Ministry of Health, rather than simply challenge the existence of a variety of diseases, has requested, through its consultant, that the judge should Advisor again establish the existence of a causal link after that it was found by the Medical Commission of ministerial appointment and after that the Ministry already provides compensation for years inky son, the sole survivor of polio vaccine.

I ask whether the Ministry of absurd behavior towards me is dictated by intent persecutors.

Does the Ministry of Health that my family has already paid a price to society quite high, or should I still suffer the other, over the loss of two sons and disability the third? Would not it be more appropriate for the Ministry of Health to renounce its resistance to court before the Judge of Verona and decided to adapt to the conclusions adopted by the Superior Council of Health in this case?


Giorgio Tremante

Reply letter to the Minister of Health Sirchia.
... aware of your information and, if necessary, will not hesitate to call it. "
Why did the then Minister Sirchia I did not "MOST 'CALL? ?

Many times I went to the Transfusion Center in Milan by Prof.. Sirchia to take the

Tranfer-Factor immune stimulant useful drug to treat immune deficiency of my son Albert.