How many of these and many already known "Cases trembling" should happen even before the institutions give to prevent these genocides?
Not fake promises never kept, but with actions to prevent such tragedies.
Here is perhaps as:

1 - removing the requirement that vaccine now has become anachronistic in 2000.

2 - Giving the correct information to people not only on the supposed benefits, but simultaneously in the "real" damage that these practices include so used indiscriminately as has been done so far.

3 - proposing an immunological preventive screening on all subjects that may be subjected to the practice of immunization.
4 - Revaluation Finally, the budget "cost - benefit" through a serious and proper epidemiological research, free from the power of multinationals.

YEAR 2004


Appeal to the highest offices of state

Article by journal "The Arena" on October 3 2002

Letter from Senator Tomassini, President of Hygiene and Health Commission of the Senate.
"... I am not sure I should mention the important role played by vaccinations" ... "And that seems to have to find new eco today because of immigration

(from Eastern Europe or the southern hemisphere) and bio-terrorism."
It seems that the drafting of this letter, quoted in part, should only incutere "TERROR", arguing that the

only "weapon" that humanity has to defeat any evil, is only the "MITO vaccine" and nothing more. .........!


Letter from the Secretary General of the Presidency of the Republic, on behalf of President Ciampi.
We always speak of compensation to the "EXISTING VICTIMS 'but there is absolutely nothing to" AVOID THE OTHER "


Letter to the Head of State, the President of the Senate, the President of the House and the President of the Council