Giorgio Tremante

Medical science claims to justify any misdeed through experimentation. However, experience means used items scientific investigation into a series of tests and inspections. But what will be the objects used in these surveys? The alleged victims are testing the animals but in reality testing directly affects humans. The animals for years have been subjected to all forms of torture and ill to show that a product could be placed on the market in the service of man. Few know, if not professionals, that these types of experiments do not prove anything to return to the human being; because the animals are fundamentally different from man and, consequently, different reactions towards a drug that you should then use on humans. Furthermore, many diseases that attack humans such as measles - hepatitis - polio - varicella - rubella, does not develop in animals and thus the reactions of any vaccine tested on it and on these diseases can not be trusted to health the community. So the man has become the target of the investigation for involuntary testing but especially for experimental vaccine. This unfortunately affects the most sensitive part of society: children. These are, therefore, guinea pigs unaware of a practice that indiscriminate submit them all, accurate investigations without approval, a series of vaccinations from an early age. Many parents who, for some time now, we have realized the dangers and risks involved in immunization practice, by all means seek to remedy this taxation in Italy was made compulsory by law and unfortunately still is. While on the one hand, the state is proving very early to vaccinate the children, using the coercion of law, of the population and often most of them doctors, are completely unaware of the damage, in the short or long term , That the vaccines can cause on the individual. All this because some economic and academic circles have found a tacit agreement, a harmony of interests. Regarding the danger of vaccines as the futility, scientific data have shown that vaccinations have never defeated any disease, have also shown that more people vaccinated are those most affected in case of epidemics, and this is the establishment of a set of measurements made in various countries worldwide. Time to show what evil can do the vaccinations, used so indiscriminately on families around the world, I think it should be me tell my story, stating that unfortunately my story is not intended to be a unique case where a sporadic stand, but it is only the tip of an iceberg that try to expose that category of "scientism" that the terror still require the use of vaccination practices. The tragedy that struck my family, was hit three of my four children. I state that my three children, affected by reaction to the vaccine, were born perfectly healthy and that the events of a possible disease have appeared only after the Sabin vaccine. A Marco, my firstborn, the patient was described symptoms that appeared after the Antipolo Sabin. The disturbances occurred (eye nystagmus, tremors and speech defects) had been made in relation to the pediatrician by Sabin, while other doctors had assumed different diagnosis such as cancer or brain degenerative encephalopathy, never confirmed by  any analysis
performed on the child. He died in 1971 at six years. Col second son, born in 1970, there were problems. But the drama returns with the birth, which occurred in 1976, two twins monoovulari. Despite my iron opposition to a law that required me an absurd and dangerous mandatory, without any prior investigation, were vaccinated and the next day already began to surface at the first signs of any alteration. Subjected to patient admissions in the first suffered by my children at various universities: the United States, England and even in Russia, in the latter country are assumed disease on immune deficiencies that would have confirmed the responsibility of the vaccinations. In my city, Verona, was placed diagnosis of type metachromatic leukodystrophy, a degenerative disease of the nervous system, this diagnosis was never confirmed by genetic tests that also subjecting us. Later Andrea, one of the twins, was exacerbated and was hospitalized for dehydration, despite my recommendation not to use drugs immunosopressor, because the baby was a immunocompromised, was used in the vein of cortisone in five hours and my creature died. Later I came to know that the same drug was also administered to my first child before death. Even with the autopsy were able to get useful elements for the life of a sister remained, since there was denied the presence of a medical legal party, so that examination could not be trusted with our research. For a month after the death of Andrea, also Alberto, the twin remained, had to be hospitalized. Despite the advice of doctors was to let it die, he was brought, at our request, in resuscitation and asked a virologist of Naples, who previously had examined the child, they advised us of the immunostimulant. Undergoes therapy with interferon, the child slowly began to improve. After six months in hospital the baby was brought home without a letter of resignation. Sometime later, requested the medical records, I realized that were different from those photocopied daily during the hospitalization. That is why I presented a complaint to the courts. In consequence to this fact was issued by a court Judicial a statement against the Hospital Chief Medical Officer in which he had been hospitalized children, subsequently extended to primary Pediatrics for "False act in public." At the end of this proceeding was filed. Many other shelters was Alberto, both in the same hospital in Verona and in other resuscitation: the Policlinic did Milano, a Merate in the province of Como, a Melegnano, in the province of Milan, and most recently was transferred automatically from the Policlinic did Melegnano Verona. During all the various shelters my task was to ensure that were practiced immunostimulant therapies that we were given the first positive results. These therapies we were always advised by Professor Tarro of Naples, who was a pupil of Professor Sabin. It was always difficult if not impossible to practice this kind of therapy for Alberto, because the doctors had ruled compact now that my son had to die. This was because it had not claimed responsibility for the discovery of vaccination used by a person, partially immunocompromised. In spite of our case had concerned the then President of the Republic Sandro Pertini, putting pressure because the Health Minister Renato Altissimo establish a Ministerial Commission, this without ever seeing Alberto out a fake report to hide the truth of the damage suffered by vaccines. The last patient Alberto had to suffer at the Policlinic did Verona where, in the view of health, my son had died a short time. I tried desperately to bring home to my child, was seen as their way of thinking because the only solution to the problem for them was the fatal epilogue of our affair. At that juncture, why could not survive in order to make my creature, even I did remove the "parental authority" by the Judge of children in Venice, which I immediately turned to him understand that he was committing a gross error. I managed to convince him to reinstate me in parental responsibility, starting so far from now until fin 1984 to manage my son at home, creating resuscitation room "where previously arranged our double room. Throughout the hospital my wife Franca has always followed Alberto, staying with him day and night to protect it from any abuse that the doctors tried to implement. Many others had to suffer harassment by the Health, even when Alberto had not set foot in a hospital, controversy of any kind on the part of health institutions not because they wanted to admit that the vaccinations were the cause of his illness and death of his brothers. Finally, in 1995, using the law 210, 1992, approved by the State saw the "causal" the damage suffered by subjecting our children to the vaccination mandatory. During all these years I ADOP to found associations in Italy to aggregate people like me who had suffered damage from vaccination practices; also tried to pass a law that had developed with the Parliamentarians, to remove the mandatory nature of these practices, but in Italy this goal was not achieved because, in my opinion, the health policy that is implemented remained submissive yet the power of the Multinational drugs. All this is proving that even in this area, some pseudoscienza, with the arrogance of scientism, devoid of all scruples, tramples continuously, with shares in most cases illegal, every human and civil rights. It imposes its power based mainly on speculative interest that their progress based not on an open and accurate information, but rather a deliberate misinformation and complete until you get even to occultism of certain realities and impersonating prevent these practices prophylaxis everyone can, except that prevent anything. Our bitter experience I wanted to describe in extended by publishing a book entitled: "age and vaccinated o. .. right to life? "that on this occasion I am pleased to present translated into French from his Jean Pilette. Thank you.

Bruxells  21 novembre 2005




European Forum for Vaccine Vigilance




Président du Parlement Européen,

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Verona li, 20 novembre 2005



 Monsieur le Président,


         C'est avec grand plaisir que je vous envoie un exemplaire de “Majeur et vacciné o…le droit de vivre?” publié par l'association Victimes des Vaccins.

       Je ressens une certaine fierté à vous écrire, ma je le fais simplement, non par ambition personnelle, mais parce que les souffrances qu’ont endurées mes fils et les décès qui ont endeuillé ma famille ont finalement été reconnus. Durant trente ans ce fut en effet solitaire au milieu de silences coupables, de faits que l’on omet, en butte parfois aussi à une volonté d’occulter la réalité.

       J'espère que vous voudrez bien lire ce livre pour comprendre réellement et profondément la tragédie vécue par ma famille, qui n'est pas exceptionnel comme on veut les faire croire mais qui touche beaucoup d'autres familles peut-être moins combatives de la mienne.

       Je vous envoie ce livre afin que les autorités fassent tout leur possible pour éviter d’autres tragédies; pour qu’on laisse aux parents la liberté de décider de la vaccination de leurs enfants et pour que l’on ne puisse plus dire « je ne savais pas! ». 

       Je reste, Monsieur le Président, à votre entière disposition pour tout renseignement que vous  jugeriez utile.

       Très respectueusement votre,



               Giorgio Tremante






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)Relations with Brussels in 2005 - Sending my book to Joseph Borrell Fontelles (President of European Parliament)


Book 'age and vaccinated o. .. Right to Life? "Translated from the French doctor Jean Pilette.
(Never had any response from the President, even thanking me for the book)

Did not know!


E 'is what the parents completely ignore bringing their children to ASL, to be submitted to the rite vaccinatorio, that the greatest number of serious reactions induced by the vaccine does not occur almost never immediately after vaccination, but can explode even a distance many years! For this reason it will be almost impossible to prove the causal link between vaccination done many years earlier and the damage suffered. E 'on time to know that too! So if, unfortunately, we were to get involved then some dramatic event we can not say more ... ... ... ....