To His Holiness

                                                                                                 Pope Benedict XVI

                                                                                                 Vatican City


                                                                                                  and p. c. Father Flavio Roberto Carraro

                                                                                                  Bishop of Verona



Verona 25 June 2005



I do not know if my letter will be read personally by Pope Benedict XVI, and it does not matter to me, but nevertheless feel bound to insist again to remind the Catholic Christian Community that there are no distant reality, not in the third or fourth in the world But so close to us but they refuse to see them (those seeking the speck of the eye does not see the beam that has really).

They are the beauty of thirty-four years, namely the death of my first child, which in one way or another try to highlight the eyes of a "Church" and, with respect to the ecclesiastical hierarchy, the terrible and devastating tragedy that many families are forced to suffer due to the adverse reactions caused by vaccinations that in our country, are still mandatory.

Since 1980 I contacted the then Pope John Paul II, when, during a public hearing, I had occasion to meet him personally, receiving even then, assurance from him that the highest Vatican office of state for health, l ' Minister Monsignor Fiorenzo Angelini, was carefully reviewing the information supplied to see if it actually existed the danger of vaccination practices, used indiscriminately, as I supported, or if my concerns were only the fruit of my imagination. It was shown that the dramatic and devastating tragedy that after I was forced to live in person, could not and should not be considered absolutely "fantasy" and so, by that time, a quantity of countless other families were forced to undergo my own fate.

Bringing the world of children see them perfectly healthy and then, after the execution of vaccinations mandatory by law, destroyed by terrible diseases or even brought to death is a fact that still cries out vengeance before God. I am so wonder if this Christian Catholic Church, since then, that since 1980, could not or did not want to lift a finger to defend these innocent creatures? It was and still is to defend human lives already outlets and not simply of embryos.              Noting also that the battle took place in Italy with the last referendum that saw the Church rightly deployed in defense of the embryos themselves. Why this striking learn how to deal with human lives? Many times I tried to call this ecclesiastical hierarchy to take an interest of the problem, but I found a Church "deaf" to the heartfelt cries for help that desperately tried to convey that these tragedies do not happen again, a Church "indifferent" which allowed the continued perpetrators of these sad and bitter consequences, such genocides.

Because there was never any concrete response to my fine appeals from some religious authority of this Church, as was decanted several times and decant yet to be always in defense of the weak and defenseless? I also made a gift of a book entitled 'age and vaccinated o. .. right to life? ",

Which tells the dramatic story of my family, both John Paul II to Benedict XVI, but have not received even a minimum a sign of gratitude, this is how the Catholic Church professes Christian and mainly live the Gospel of Christ?              In the hope that these problems are long finally taken into account by this date "insensitive Catholic Religious Communities." Therefore await a possible answer calls.

Yours sincerely

                                                                                                          Giorgio Tremante



Giorgio and Alberto Tremante

Via Danilo Preto 8

37133 Verona



LETTER TO JOHN PAUL II (after your departure)



We have known personally  the now away in May 1980 during a public hearing in St. Peter's Square, when your physical was in the splendor of its form. Took place on chairs arranged in rows on the square. I wanted to arm Alberto, my wife Andrea Franca, our precious twins hit, it was said then, from a mysterious illness. At that time we have serious entrusted entirely to You, You represented for us the hope of our faith in God the Father. You have our consulate penis, you've kissed one by one and you've blessed, long pause and listen to our sad story promising the interest of the Holy See to find a way that allows us to save the lives of our creatures. I still live in the mind the memory of that encounter, your majestic and royal figure who bends to embrace us poor creatures, your sweet that you laid eyes on our two children intent to play around with the holy cross that I hung from the neck . Alberto, holding on my knees, suddenly had an impulse to be close by your mighty arm, and I curb their thinking that his naive and genuine Warmth You could perhaps create disorder, when I never slowed his instinctive gesture, a way Its addressed to the great "grandfather"! In the late summer of that year, the health of my small twins were somewhat worsened until, on September 22, Andrea was admitted to hospital emergency until 10 pm and 5 am died. The last day of November, including his sister Alberto had to be hospitalized for the same problem, but instead of leaving it in the department of paediatrics, as was the case with Andrea who had died, we decided to do so into the resuscitation, to be attached to a respirator automatic him overcome that moment of sudden enpass had respiratory failure, the same was also tracheostomized. His hospitalization lasted six months, during which they were executed immunostimulant therapies, such as the interferon, then still in experimental stage. See beloved John Paul II, the roads that we have come to save the lives of Alberto and Andrea, at a certain moment you have with your cross, when, after the attack that you had to suffer in Piazza San Pietro, hit by a "Cytomegalovirus", in that circumstance Alberto could be of help. Divine providence had meant that the drug interferon, experimented on Alberto, was then charged by the same scientist who had provided him with Alberto, even to you. Perhaps for this event you have not heard, but things went their way, you finally I can remember. After the death of Andrea, was the second son who saw me take away from sickle black, my heart was shocked, I felt shot down, over, the forces were coming to me to miss. We then wrote a letter, which still keep, where you express my killing, despite all wondering once again your help to save the life of Albert. For the umpteenth time, nobody gave me the desired response. Someone, above, still can not define well who had been urged me to react, I had the vision of a dazzling light and heard a voice that said quote these words: "Shake the earth from dirty feet and continue to fight" . This was the spring that led me still continue my fight for the life of my son. Months after months Alberto had to remain hospitalized in the halls of resuscitation of several Italian hospitals and foreign, until, after many abuses and humiliations, I decided, with incalculable difficulties, to bring it back home. I had to arrange with all equipment to be able to manage at home, especially suited to solve its problems of respiratory failure. That was the first of May 1984. I'm not to tell the many vicissitudes that we had to live for and save his life to prove a truth and unwanted advance assiduously denied. The so-called science officer, had already ruled that it would not be able to survive. My mood was exacerbated by the continued prevarication suffered on several occasions, and had also suffered against the Catholic community for the behavior absolutely indifferent if not totally passive that he had always maintained in our drama. In 2001 I managed to publish a book in which tell our dramatic story. So I decided to put his picture on the cover of that we ave with you in order to prove to myself justification for make pace official with the whole of the Catholic Church. I knew then that the Bishop of my town, was given a copy of my book, so I thought to write two lines also ask for a meeting, which unfortunately I had not ever. In this letter makes it clear that the significance especially for me had the word "Father", love without limits that the same name was supposed to mean, I also permitted to ask at the same time, the ability to make his confirmation from you, Holy Father, my son who at that time had 25 years. The reason for that, in my opinion, was to justify my seemingly absurd claim was that of a rapprochement with Christian Community, after that long period of absolute indifference that the Community had maintained against our tragedy. Unfortunately, this time received no reply. In October 2002, after a long illness, I had to suffer the loss of my wife Franca, being so alone to handle the serious situation of my son Albert. It was the drop that made the vase overflow. My faith was now light, was entirely waning, my desperation convinced me that my life was to be an interminable hell without any hope. Only a few months ago, exactly on December 15 last year after 24 years since the first meeting with you in St. Peter's Square, without Andrew and my wife Franca, returned to meet in Room Nervi. Alberto accompany on his chair with wheels that held up the book of our history for do you gift, when I approached you noticed it on your face the signs of suffering, your gaze was no longer sweet and serene, your physical showed debilitated The obvious signs of the disease. Alberto delivered, in the hands of a prelate who stood beside you, the book and I just had time to remember that boy who was seated in a wheelchair, with all its obvious signs of his disability, seemed to me that your eyes had outlined a veil of sadness, your head is bent more on the one hand, as if, even for Te had suddenly reopened that book the now distant past, as if the image of my family all you had returned to mind, perhaps you've reviewed with tears in his eyes when, before the then Your royal figure, you have to beg you to help save the lives of our twins. Today a distance of more than two years after the departure of my wife Franca and with the recent events of your death are here to beg on their knees again, no longer as "Pope", though powerful on this earth, but as "Saint" that see the sky and listen to all the supplications of those who like me believed and still believe that beyond all these human miseries there is still a divine justice. This time I am firmly convinced that I fulfill in order to improve the health of Alberto, you absolutely need to intercede for him, you have to make that miracle that so many years in my heart I'm calling to see it flourish. I am sure that now you will not be subject to earthly guidance of the protocols that you might as well have tied the hands even the will, so remember that at the time you contract a debt against Alberto, he was the guinea pig on which tested the drug is also useful for you, so I remain firmly convinced that from thee, from above, the debt will certainly honored.


Giorgio Tremante father Alberto, (Marco, Andrea and husband of Franca that are where you're You)


Letter sent after the death of John Paul II to his successor.
(Never received response)


Alberto's last meeting with John Paul II on Wednesday December 15 2004.
(Alberto ago gift to the Pope of the book describing our story)

Alberto's last visit to John Paul II

Letter sent to Benedict XVI and the Bishop of Verona.
(Never received this response from the Pope it by the Bishop.)



Verona them, 18 May 2002

days of the call Diocesan Synod


Clear "Father" Flavio Roberto Carraro,

Peace and good even from me!


I was glad to finally receive a written by your letter of April 23 last year, in which, with meaningful words, shows that he understood the problem that for years I raised, namely the dangers that are inherent in the use of vaccination practices used to 'Today so indiscriminately.

She, on the question of vaccinations, declaring his incompetence. What concerns me is not to understand the scientific axiom that endorsed a worry that for many years the whole of humanity, but that is simply to see if you want to see some real facts that occurred to my family and many others, to hide groped for a very uncomfortable truth that should not and must not, under any circumstances come to light and, if it is understood that only in this sense my story has been told and published a book on what to testify that happened to us.

You yourself said "that is lawful and proper to all the battles that will bring out the situations of people suffering, as a matter of human dignity, Christian love, and the awareness on common issues affecting the whole community." Here writes: "I think if I were the father and if I had lived his experience as I did too hear my voice at all appropriate forums."

Dear "Father" Roberto, here is the focal point of our whole experience, will have noticed that I always quotation marks the word "Father", just because you are defined itself as such. But as "Father" abandons her son to make an arduous and perhaps even absurd as what I tried to make me alone? If, for absurd, I had been Bishop Pope or better still, I would have certainly left a son, whom I consider to be too large of the Community of the Roman Catholic Church, to its sad fate. I would have at least tried to stay close, to listen, to hold at least morally, but Le confess that none of what I was dedicated, indifference and misunderstanding have reigned for years by the Christian Community around my person and the lawful my despair. I never understood why this absurd behavior towards me, I did not lead to criminal, but maybe I would have had more understanding on your part if I had committed any crime. I also believe that he has always tried to follow the teachings of Christian Doctrine, defending my creatures and my family as is often stated by the representative of Christ on earth, "the family is the most important and fundamental part of our society" .

Why this anomaly behavior by the Ecclesiastical Authority against and my family? As I had already had occasion to write long ago to John Paul II, I have undertaken diligently and hard to find "the Light", namely "that truth," I never doubted we can find it, but I have heard but unfortunately " alone and abandoned "by those who had the task of the first support also morally. It was perhaps afraid to face dialogue with a person defenseless and unarmed which I consider? I never tried by force or by violence to impose anything with me did not want to talk, I wanted to hear was chosen instead, some rare time, send me a written and nothing more.

I understand that the Catholic Church has many other problems to be solved, many other things to think about, but I think I have the right to be heard at least even for a short time, or must always remain a person who feels out of the context of the Church and that pursues a battle alone as a Don Quixote who addressed, regardless of others' opinions, the majestic windmills?

Book I published her underlines the phrase: "I firmly believe that God always sure, even in the darkest moments of life, gives us the strength to overcome enormous difficulties," but in the context of this work I do not think either 'Sole claim to be stressed in many other chapters are equally important phrases that denote the absolute lack of love of which I and my family we were concerned, especially in moments of despair for the death of our children by the company. Because this position has been taken against us even from religious institutions? What a great pity we committed? Thinking that Alberto was also missing since the sacrament of Confirmation, no one is occupied, no one has tried to take care of his state of mind of his humiliation of her and our resentment for this, I would call trivial, by indifference Christian community and its institutions.

I went to Rome by Pope John Paul II As long ago as 1980, when all I had both my sister alive. Then I asked for help their lives, but I had not any help from His Holiness today, after 22 years, and after the death of Andrea one of the twins, I strongly that John Paul II to give Albert the sacrament of Confirmation . I think it is minimal due to be so tried and maimed by long years of total neglect, in order to repair suffering also suffered because of indifference of religious institutions. I am firmly convinced that it is not asking too much, a sign of reconciliation and attention it certainly deserves a family like ours that have fought rise on the Cross to feel in union with our Savior. Why so the word "Father" may have for us that true meaning of love.

Add also and I am sure that "others" have avoided and are avoiding the suffering that I and my family we were forced to suffer through but "solely and exclusively to our courage" in dealing with this unequal struggle against a human and imperfect "Dogma"

In greeting cordially await a response on my requests.


                                                                                                          Giorgio Tremante

Letter, 3 years before, the Bishop of Verona.

Reply letter, the first 3 years, the Bishop of Verona.

This is the "Christian Catholic Church" today, does not even want to see and hear these problems,

it is certainly more committed other "affairs". Then ask ourselves: is this the Church of Jesus Christ?