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E ', by now away in May of 1984, that my son Alberto lives with a respiratory support at home. Why can boast of having been the first in Italy to bring home a boy, who at that time was only eight years continuously dependent on breathing automatically. I was forced to act this way because, after hospitalization duration six months in the resuscitation department in a hospital in the province of Milan and one month in my city, Verona, for Alberto, there had been proposed by the health professionals who were in care, as the only therapy They think, to disconnect the respirator that kept him alive and impose "euthanasia". Today, my boyfriend has made thirty years and lives a life, all things considered "normal". Facing great difficulties he attended schools with a lower and higher, up to the diploma course and, after an appeal to the state lasted five years have not been able to take the exam for the year integrative, therefore unable to be writing all 'University; this year finally my "man" was written to the Faculty of Education. As I said already, I was the first to be able to bring home a child, taking the total liability of the case, having previously albeit in a craft, set up in our home a resuscitation room. Certainly this was not easy, literally rip the baby from a department of resuscitation and mostly against the opinion healthcare that the six were supposed to cure, which in groped to block my speech, turned to the court of minors , Producing false evidence, even coming to me to remove the "parental authority". Despite this absurd and criminal way of acting, I managed my intention. Today my son is alive, still attached to the respirator only at night. The message he has sent me, and his mother, when Franca was still alive, is always and only been his great love of life "and his" great love of life. " He even accepted his state of serious handicap which has forced most of the time, to renounce many things that his peers could and can comfortably afford. After this preamble should, I wonder how it could be afford this media speculation about a misfortune so abhorrent as to unplug the respirator tubes to a person who, perhaps not fully convinced, asking it to be done. How can we afford to build a controversial and certainly instrumental deliberately politicized the case as that of Mr. Weldy? Certainly Mr. Welby manco was aware that in Italy, he and many others like him dystrophic with the same health requirements, are surviving but stuck to a machine, the merit of this is attributed mainly to the tenacity that we have paid in their fight My wife and I have done in 1984 to save the lives of our son Albert. I am sad to think that this gentleman wants to end his life, becoming switch off the respirator, so striking and over-publicized by political parties and supported by the media for the sole purpose of "making news". In consequence to what we ask a logical question: "I did well to complete that difficult conflict with the institutions to give to Mr. Werdy and others like him can survive?" Living, (euphemistically speaking), " serene "in their home near the affected more expensive? I am convinced that this man was just dry up and used by some current policy in order to lead our country in a law that would allow euthanasia, or rather to legalize, in some way "murder ". Although we have sacrificed more than half of my life because I have already exceeded 65 years of age consumed in this, so call it, "misadventure", I am convinced that I would be ready to redo it again exactly what I did for the survival, but also limited to any human being. Already too many times, in the silence of the various halls of resuscitation, such gestures will be made for me considerate, which are generally supported solely by the question of "convenience" in order to survive or not these individuals. The life to take away our power like that it is not for any of us, even the lords doctors if they really base their profession on the famous "oath of Hippocrates." The naked calculation of cost was put to me, at the Higher Institute of Health in 1983 by then head of the national pharmacopoeia Dr Duilio Poggiolini, who with a smooth tone words uttered these words: "see, trembling, does not agree to survive his son, would cost too much to the community. " I leave to posterity the opinion of this ill-sentence thrown in the face of a father who was trying desperately, at that moment, the life of his son. I would like at least each of us could put the questions to the many instances that this broad and complex topic now proposes, perhaps thinking: "and if we were to take this decision on us or on our close relation (perhaps on a our son)? "I think last duty, not to ignite even more this controversy that, in my opinion, each case must be considered an end in itself.


Verona 20 December 2006                                               

                                                                                           Giorgio Tremante


Press release against Euthanasia



Press Release on the defense of the right to "LIFE".

Open letter, provocative, the President Napolitano, Marini, Bertinotti and Prodi for EUTHANASIA 
NO ANSWER them by Napolitano, will be Marini, will be Bertinotti and Prodi.

Newspaper article on "The Arena", 21 December 2006


How many of these and many already known "Cases Tremante" should happen even before the institutions give to prevent these genocides?
Not fake promises never kept, but with actions to prevent such tragedies.
Here is perhaps as:

1 - removing the requirement that vaccine now has become anachronistic in 2000.

2 - Giving the correct information to people not only on the supposed benefits, but simultaneously in the "real" damage that these practices include so used indiscriminately as has been done so far.

3 - proposing an immunological preventive screening on all subjects that may be subjected to the practice of immunization.
4 - Revaluation Finally, the budget "cost - benefit" through a serious and proper epidemiological research, free from the power of multinationals.

YEAR 2007

Letter from Senator Ignazio Marino, President of Hygiene and Health Commission of the Senate.
And why are not busy making the free vaccinations? Perhaps not an act deemed dangerous to health?