It spoke of "Vaccine" in this context, but it was only talk of "great benefits" that these practices lead to humanity was absolutely no talk about the damage they are included in the use of such practices.

In many pediatricians room careful to applaud the speakers' paid 'to describe the protections of the various vaccinations to be proposals, or rather, strongly pushed, after the abolition of. Of "any damage" and those "already occurring"

No words, a silence absolute peremptory that hid the bad faith of those reports; completely virtual numbers of great benefit acquired by the campaigns of disinformation surely sponsored by multinational drug, and not to name, of that great multinational which has its headquarters in Verona, which certainly has been the sponsor of the conference.

Having already guided own self, in June 1995 a delegation at the Higher Institute of Health to speak of the damage, and has since been invited in March 2006 in Rome to report before the National Commission Vaccines, as "expert", I thought to be able to intervene in this compendium to bring, in addition to my testimony, even if I almost did not want to even mention it, the testimony of thousands of families who, like me, have suffered the atrocious negative consequences of vaccination practices.

I was probably wrong, perhaps because of the damage could talk, according to this intelligent audience, only between Friends, "the inn" and not in that prestigious seat, why?

From The Journal Arena, 11 January 2007


Congress of the Region Veneto 2007 (Palazzo della Gran Guardia Verona)

Ruling of T.A.R. Lazio condemning the Ministry of Health, in the person of Minister pro tempore.

Telegram sent to the Ministry of Health