Request to expand research on vaccine damage in all regions of Italy



Dear Senator Marino,

Thank you for having responded to my mail, although, given the situation that you are creating around the vaccination practices, in my previous email did not want to expose only my personal position on the vaccinations.

My opinion is also that of many others, even in science, and is dictated by well for me 37 years of experience painful to the skin of my sons with the death of two and with the permanent disability of the third, so not on "Purely theoretical data" but on facts, lived by me and tens of thousands or even millions of “human beings”. In his writing seems to understand that you are trying to defend a sword is not only the use of vaccination but also the persistence of their obligation.

She reiterated the usefulness of mass vaccinations, stresses in particular, given your experience of the surgeon, indicating the absolute necessity of hepatitis B vaccination, suggesting the absolute occurrence of such vaccination. But you know what is the procedure that was followed to impose the requirement of hepatitis B vaccination. If you do not know him I would remind myself. First we must establish that he was paid, I repeat, was paid a bribe of 600 million pounds, the then Health Minister Francesco de Lorenzo, the company that produced and marketed the vaccine, then we must also know that it was made a false investigation to Afragola, in the province of Naples to demonstrate the effectiveness of the hepatitis B vaccination, where they were made up of thousands of cases of hepatitis B patients "bogus". And finally, when the law required the introduction of in Italy was about to be abandoned, given the many objections that occurred in medical science, the reporter of the law that absolutely did not want to lose her battle, justified placing deer saying these words to justify the introduction of: "if our children become addicted." It seems only right and proper for this behavior to require disclosure of the use of a drug, in my opinion dangerous, what is the vaccine for hepatitis B? E 'is the method that was and is still used to defend the much-praised "good of the community?” Moreover, the same vaccination, as was proposed use, children from zero to 1 years and boys at 12 years, was strongly contested by eminent names in international scientists, among them the same vaccinated Albert Sabin that, in a television broadcast in which I attended in person and Professor Sabin deferred from America, during which he made the statements very important, noting that this was going to happen in our country is unique in the world, a chance to say that "the health minister had been badly advised on the vaccination of hepatitis B, this practice is absurd to me." Still keep the record of this event. You see then that is not only my personal position on the imposition of immunization, in this case for the B?

Then regard the decision by the Veneto region to waive the vaccination requirement, to know that this decision was taken according to official statistics collected by statistical study of the region which shows that "from 1993 to 2005 in the Veneto region alone have verified nearly 4000 cases of adverse reactions associated with certainty to vaccination, including some deaths. "

You see then, dear Senator, that is justified in a very comprehensive that it removed the requirement vaccination in the Veneto region if you want to assess the facts clearly and without interference obvious economic interest? I can assure you that, but despite this extensive use of mass vaccination, viruses and bacteria move anyway and do not need to pay the “toll at the tollbooth "to move, but change and transform, and then I challenges facing many doubts and it begins to think that because of vaccinations that were supposed to protect us from infectious diseases, may have been generated new iatrogenic diseases and for the most degenerative, certainly much more serious of these diseases. E 'is what you want to keep intact the vaccine dogma? We must be able to think very carefully the goal that you want to achieve with the indiscriminate use that day is today made this "prophylactic medical practice" that is always "off as prevention."

She also tells me that they turned to get in a financial sum for the right to a well-off to the dead before the law 229/05 that the same law had been absurdly excluded. But what is it that this contribution that the State has decided to grant to people who have seen their children die, born perfectly healthy, as a result of a trivial practice which is the vaccination? With this mite want to buy their silence and the silence of future generations? If that were the case with this way of acting fears that she, and others of the same opinion, still want to continually justify the use of this "sacrificial medicine" that was used in ancient times and that, even today, is adopted for the defense This type of medicine dogmatic. Discussions and polemics on this topic could do it forever but, for now, I think it goes, is to be made quickly. What counts for me now is action, and this is your precise duty, as mandated institutionally, as the President of Hygiene and Health Commission of the Senate, and is trying to verify, through the establishment of a commission created ad hoc , Who are the real cases of vaccine damage occurred in our country, starting with the data of the Veneto region, to determine the exact extent and to attempt to revalue the time, also praised her, "Cost - Benefit." This may actually highlight, in addition to the continuing divergent views, the real situation of those events that actually occurred and that continue to happen that is made without a serious and careful monitoring. It 'obvious that this Commission should include not only doctors but the parents have become experts, living on their skin the horrific consequences of vaccine damage. Moreover, this Commission should be completely detached from corporations and industries that produce drugs and vaccines, or certainly could be affected by economic interests, certainly in this area are quite significant. I believe that my proposal should be accepted by you, because it is the least that a democratic state can do to determine if there is still a "rule of law for a citizen" who is trying to bring this evidence to the "true good of community. " This will be extremely put into practice with some speed to avoid, in addition to the now mournful and countless events that occur continuously, the disbursement of public money spent by the state to compensate the existing and likely future cases of adverse reaction immunization. Instead using care and caution and with the implementation of preventive diligent investigation can certainly be avoided these massacres silent the disbursement of taxpayers' money. If not we should only think that she, as some believe the caste medical, you want a behind barricades certainly imperfect "dogma" tightly defining research, as has been done up to now, to defend only certain "interests of the workshop."

I hope I have explained my views in an equally clear to you.

With many greetings to you and to your daughter vaccinated, La greet cordially


Verona 1 febbraio 2008


Giorgio Tremante

Presidente della A.L.V. (Associazione Lesi dai Vaccini)

Incaricato dal Ministero della Salute rappresentante dei Danneggiati da vaccino italiani

Referente italiano dell’E.F.V.V.  (European Forum for Vaccino Vigilance) 






And finally: one-minute news that comes from France



31 janvier 2008 - 20h00

Hépatite B: des responsables de laboratoire mis en examen.

Quatorze ans après la campagne nationale de vaccination contre l'hépatite B, les responsables de deux laboratoires qui ont mis au point et commercialisé le vaccin, ont été mis en examen pour ''tromperie aggravée'' pour ne pas avoir déclaré l'ensemble des effets secondaires supposés.


                    How many of these and many already known "Cases trembling" should happen even before the institutions give to prevent these genocides?
                    Not fake promises never kept, but with actions to prevent such tragedies.
Here is perhaps as:

                    1 - removing the requirement that vaccine now has become anachronistic in 2000.

2 - Giving the correct information to people not only on the supposed benefits, but simultaneously in the "real" damage that these practices include so                           used indiscriminately as has been done so far.

3 - proposing an immunological preventive screening on all subjects that may be subjected to the practice of immunization.
4 - Revaluation Finally, the budget "cost - benefit" through a serious and proper epidemiological research, free from the power of multinationals.

YEAR 2007

Letter (via email) to Senator Ignazio Marino, President of the Commission of Health and Sanitation Senate
(I never had more response)