Florence, 25 January 2008 "SECOND DAY OF BIOMEDICAL Ethics"

Prosecutor's Office at the Court of Verona


I Tremante Giorgio born in Verona on 08/09/1941 and resident in Danilo Preto 8, as President of 'Association Lesi by Vaccini (ALV), as Head of Vaccine Damaged by Italians with ministerial office on 21.3.2007, Italian contact of which EFVV (European Forum for Vaccine Vigilance) stated as follows:


1.    On 31 January 2008, the agency Reuters and the French news (TF1) and other agencies have given the news that the heads of laboratories Avantis Pasteur and GlaxoSmithKline have been placed under investigation by the French judiciary for the crime of fraud for having placed market the vaccine B antiepatite failing to highlight the side effects to them, and their only known. The survey in question was prompted by complaints from dozens of French families who had subjected the child to that vaccination led to believe that this practice was free from side effects but which have seen their children become ill and, in some cases, losing life. (All 1 to 3)


2.   The case in question highlights the need that this prosecutor's investigation results in finding the real failure on the part of GlaxoSmithKline, whose headquarters is in Verona Italy, via A. Fleming, 2, of the mandatory information on side effects of the vaccine antiepatite B, the same product. The omitted information, as seems to emerge from the French investigation of the Judiciary, has meant that even the medical facilities responsible for the assessment and prevention of risks inherent in the administration of the vaccines were aware of the existence, nature and danger of side effects reported with consequent impossibility to take the necessary precautions. This omission appears to have occurred even writing in our country, not only having to assume that a multinational company to take the same procedures (and inaction) operates everywhere, but actually have never been identified in any home, starting in 1992, when the effect of mandatory vaccination antiepatite B in Italy, the side effects that were reported today in France.


3.   For just the way, the introduction of vaccination antiepatite B in Italy was sealed by known criminal proceedings against the former minister De Lorenzo tried to get by SmithKline received a "bribe" by L. 650,000,000 because the vaccination was made compulsory; bargaining procedure defined by the accused.


4.   The seriousness and importance of the news spread by the French media is self-evident if one considers that only in the Veneto region, as is clear from the report of the Director of the Department of Public Health and Screening of the Regional (Doc. 4), in the period 1993-2005 The number of cases related to vaccination is a well-3526, including deaths, and among these are also cases of adverse reactions to vaccination antiepatite B.



5.   If, therefore, these adverse reactions were due, as it seems reasonable to assume, including failure to disclosure of side effects from the manufacturer GlaxoSmithKline, resulting in the inability of facilities to take the precautions and subsequent evaluations, including the administration of not prepared hazardous to public health, we could configure the consummation of the crime of fraud, manslaughter or negligent injury or even the most serious crimes considering the number of parties that could prove to be affected by accertande omissions of the manufacturer of the vaccine antiepatite B.


6.   The investigations are required all the more necessary and urgent in view of continuing in Italy (apart from the recent introduction of non-mandatory in California) antiepatite B vaccination in a context where neither the National Institute of Health or other central or peripheral appear to have never done any scientific survey to ascertain the presence of side effects now at the center of the current investigation by the French judiciary, with the real and present danger of new lesions on the part of actors vaccinandi.


7.     But even if those investigations had been conducted it should point out at the omission of caution from the health authorities, but not the exclusion of liability by the manufacturer.


8.  Many data on side effects and more reports of adverse events are available from the Health Departments to the regions and at the offices of the Ministry of Health, in Rome, where the applications are collected for compensation under the Act 210/92 and the Law 229/2005.


That said, the leader asks that this prosecutor:

       A) to conduct all necessary investigations to ascertain:

       - Whether and what are the side effects of antiepatite B vaccine produced by GlaxoSmithKline, as revealed by the French judiciary;

       - If such effects were reported to health authorities in Italy;

       - If these side effects, which are known or not, are responsible for adverse reactions to the vaccine is detectable by the attached report of the Regional veneto both by acts of the Hospital Medical Boards (regional) responsible for assessing the link of cause and adverse reaction to compensation paid by the Ministry of Health in accordance with the Law 210/92 and 229/05.

       On this point, it is stated that the Boards Medical Hospital have found that, since their establishment, the correlation between vaccination and adverse reactions (including deaths) have documentation which can be inferred if this response (as to which the Ministry of Health has to compensation) is attributable to the administration of vaccination antiepatite

       B) prosecute those responsible for all crimes that may be attributable to the same circumstances on the basis of net nell'esposto.

       C) take the necessary precautionary measures to prevent the commission of further crimes and in the occurrence of any further damage to the health of citizens.


      It makes available to the investigators for all the additional information that might be appropriate and requests, in any event, to be informed in the event of application for filing of this face.

       Elect an address at the Chambers of. Luigi Meduri, in Verona via Nice 20


     Verona 4 february 2008

                                                                                                                     Tremante Giorgio



I think it must first of all to thank the organizers of this conference for their efforts in addressing an issue as complex and controversial as the issue of vaccination, taking into consideration their negative consequences. E 'own conclusions from these open discussions that we should draw the right balance to give as accurate information, to move the attention of the public, to avoid some unnecessary suffering. I have to thank because I was given the opportunity to intervene in this important discussion, not only as a father, directly involved with adverse events due to the aftermath vaccine, as well as instructed by the Ministry of Health as responsible for vaccine-damaged that there in the Italian population.

E 'should take note with satisfaction that in this survey are taken into consideration the adverse events caused by vaccination practices since, until a few years ago was unthinkable only hear mention. Here today are comparing eminent personality of medicine and information in order to establish a correct interpretation of events, for better or worse, to ensure a complete and later developed health education, in this groped for ways to overcome some false illusions that the media sometimes even tend to destroy the ethical and moral foundation of true medical science.

"Primo nihil nocere," says the famous but now perhaps obsolete "oath of Hippocrates" I am convinced that it is precisely in this sentence, the root medical ethics. Physicians, which are responsible for health, to give guarantees and security to the people must first of all be sure to have a clear and complete information, not manipulated, the pros and cons, in order to properly use this practice as prophylaxis of professionals 'practice of medicine, ensuring that no harm can be obtained from its use. In fact, this mode of action should be the basis for all teaching in the medical field and in the field of space where there are significant fears, psychoses and whatever, and then when it begins clashes, the good of the people with the economic interests of those who must balance the budgets of big companies care.

Medical science, as I certainly can confirm, is undoubtedly an imperfect science, because what today may seem safe hundred percent, after some time may appear less secure or broken and sometimes even harmful. The medicine can not be dogmatic as a science is the religion: the dogma of faith may be accepted beyond question, but the successes and failures of medical science we will always ask questions for which increases the need for answers precise. Let me try to analyze with you the use of the practice of vaccination and their effectiveness today, reminding me that its evolution. This practice was challenged and opposed since its origin. In 1850 contrasts two opposing schools of thought, that of Louis Pasteur (chemical), advocate and supporter of the use of this medicine, and that of Antoine Béchamp (doctor), Master of Pasteur believed that the practice of mass vaccination unnecessary or even harmful. Pasteur's argument was, at that time, the upper hand on that of Béchamp, only because the then Emperor Napoleon III of France had thought that, from a purely economic, whereas at that time the French Finance were crying because, by the use of this practice could reap economic benefits convenient. I think this is a very important chapter for those who dedicated their lives to research and study of the history of medicine and, of course, you will be aware of.

In our day the plot and cost benefit, economic cost and social benefit, in my humble opinion, is transforming itself several times, sometimes in economic revenue necessarily opposed to the real benefit of the community.

Today, as then it seems to me that the economics will prevail on a careful analysis of the social benefit and is totally irrelevant to check that the causal relationship between the practice of immunization and the regression of endemic infectious diseases and even less to check the possible relationship, I have documented between vaccination and increase of degenerative diseases exploded in the last decades of the twentieth century.

Today, unfortunately, almost always a market economy prevails on the real and healthy interests of ordinary people who often unknowingly suffer disastrous consequences in terms of physical and mental health.

Strangely happens also that more and more of this continuous interweaving of interests ensures that even the highest religious hierarchies are being expressed in some way to uncritically support the use of senseless campaign of mass vaccination, suggesting a humanitarian vaccines as false viaticum for Health Protection earth.

There was now required to combine the word "cow" with the word "progress", but what progress can result from this practice which, used indiscriminately, as is done today, unnatural causes degenerative diseases, and leaves the human and scientific hundred thousands if not millions of people killed or disabled in the world? Is 36 years that I am interested in the topic of damage caused by vaccines, not because I have embarked on mere curiosity in this type of reasoning, but unfortunately I had to live with my family a tragedy that I believe has the same The death of two children and handicap permanent third because of adverse reactions to immunization.

My case is known worldwide, I have fought for over 25 years to ensure the right and have the approval of the competent institutions of the damage suffered by my children as a result of vaccines.

And before that admission came only considered a lunatic. I have no interest whatsoever in giving this kind of information, I am just struggling desperately to make it clear to mothers and fathers like me in such tragedies would likely go to these practices by subjecting their children were born perfectly healthy, because without any serious and well informed about possible adverse events and every possible precaution be taken to avoid them.

Most of the time the doctors will be in front of unknown illnesses and is devoid of suitable means to bring the various diseases found to immunization. Certainly also the political class is no less responsible for these events because it is probably always been, and still is, the more careful to protect the interests of the party rather than the good of the community.

Not then, that the media could and should give correct information about the damage suffered by countless creatures, instead retain a significant disinterest in informing the public of these silent disasters to defend the image of a dogmatic science.

The information that emerges in newspapers on these issues would tend to minimize what happened, to hide a nipped in the bud because if they were written correctly, it could be disturbing to some peace of mind has long been obtained by keeping quiet, at least in here, people.

So, as a consequence to this mendacious behavior collectively, the people pronounce on many occasions the syllogism "age and vaccinated, as I titled my book, savoring as reassurance and tranquility in the most diverse circumstances of life, because it attaches to the word" vaccine "The meaning, which certainly has no cure and remedy universal strengthening increasingly unconscious in his high regard for this" myth ".

I wondered then and I ask you: What is the concept of science that can be seen from the implementation of so much praised vaccination campaigns? It is perhaps based on a collective psychological conditioning that seems reassuring?

I shall be granted at least the possibility of thinking that this kind of science can become a screen to protect an ambiguous scientism to shop? I look up to you, authoritative scholars in this field, a response.


Dr. Robert Mendelsohn has often criticized modern medicine for its bigoted doctrine. He argued that "doctors are the priests who deliver the holy water in the form of inoculations" to give the initiation ritual of the great medical industry to our consecration.
Dr. Richard Moskowitz complies: "Vaccines have become sacraments of our faith in biotechnology. Their effectiveness and
security is widely seen as self-evident and does not need further tests. "
Others see a link between vaccinations and satanic rituals or witchcraft, where animals are killed and their bodies are fermented in a mixture of hell horrible substances: voodoo medicine by mad scientists of the twenty-first century. Sadly, our children are their unwilling subjects because society is slowly devoured by their insatiable appetite for human experimentation.

Source: The secret government database on damage from vaccines - http://www.medicinenon.it/danni_da_vaccini.htm


Sometimes we feel amazed, frightened, we are in doubt about important decisions. Many times we have acted in giving confidence to the "experts in the field." Of course they did the parents of children killed or damaged by vaccinations. Many of those children are now adults and have difficulties in life and many do not know that their disability stems from the consequences of such practices. Simply disability was not diagnosed and the just cause has not been assigned, and now think that the diminished ability to perform the tasks of living is innate. It is not, was inoculated.
Not a bad way, but sometimes despicable beings acquire positions of power and for personal profit and power that allow extensive damage at the global level are perpetrated.
Vaccination is one of them. Ignorance is their weapon, more powerful than any other because you do not know what is the right way to do things go wrong, you are afraid. Fear leads to live like sheep timidly, without much emotion it big hassle, amid the rest of the flock. There is the regular shearing and life ends on Easter dinner table. The man has incredible ability and opportunity to express the most noble emotions and joys, is naturally strong and generous but to express themselves must be free from repression put in place by the persistence of ignorance.
The human nature could be called the "lion", and it is in this that those who try to keep it in the limbo of ignorance fear. They know how to steer hundreds of sheep hard enough without a shepherd sleepy, while a domatore as good can keep at bay a few lions and not without risks. They think that would be wiped out if the man became aware. But in their ignorance they do not know that in a society aware there is no grounds for prosecution.
Everyone then has the right and the
duty to examine, compare, examine the information it receives and judging by the results, not on the basis of academic chatter. And then act accordingly, at the side of truth, if you want a better world.


This is the report that would have held if the discussion had proved that is correct
"Bipartisan". unfortunately did not go quite well, so I intend propose to you on this page.

Answer that by waiting 37 years, but these gentlemen that I could never give, because
Ministers of this false "sacredness immunization" that, by their actions, maintain stable ignorance of
slaves people of this power mefistofelico whose victims cry out for vengeance "Science."

Investigation of ratification dell'esposto


From Verona left exposed to the Judiciary in respect of the "Glaxo-SmithKline"

Here's the complaint I submitted a complaint to the Judiciary February 4 2008
I hope is not the end of all other ........." Archive "


I attended, bringing my son Alberto, in this Congress. Together with us there were two more cases of damaged by vaccinations. In this context, I was willing to take a report so polite trying to explain my thesis that wanted to prove the veracity of the many cases of DAMAGE FROM VACCINE.

I realized, unfortunately, that in that setting was not possible to venture a constructive dialogue groped to compare pros and cons of current use of vaccination, as the different speakers that followed, led by journalist Luciano Onder, vice director of the TG2, their decant only the merits, in their dire circumstances, the results of research in the biomedical field, the various and multiple vaccines. A this point, having listened carefully but with some discomfort to them, nothing short of shocking, and, I think fake information, at the end during the debate, I made a short speech which I think has somewhat disturbed the participants at the conference. I noticed that my intrusion was the only contrary to their view