Publications damage vaccine dating back to 1963 and "never disclosed" to the public.

Magazine Pediatrica Siciliana (year 1964)

From childhood Neuropsichiatria <<Ospedale G.Corberi>> Milan (year 1971)

From the journal “Acta Neurological” (year 1969)


Already for a long time was known to experts, that the vaccines could be very painful but no one had to tell everyone that we ordinary people, we needed to know only their merits and not their faults, they have proof that most of the doctors, aware of this, avoiding a long time to bring their children to immunization.

Here is the desired effect from misinformation scheduled!


From the journal of the Italian Sieroterapico (year1963)

Communication to the meeting of the Tuscan-Umbrian section of the Italian Society of Neurology - Lucca (year 1964)

Clinic of nerve and Mental Diseases, University of Perugia (year 1967)

From the journal “Acta Neurological” (year 1973)

From the journal “Acta Neurological" (year 1974)