Alberto arrives in Rome in flight from Verona to attend the event, making use of oxygen during the flight to address the changes in altitude.

The important support given to Alberto volunteers of the Italian Red Cross and its nurses who had to "fan" just arrived in the square.

On behalf of the countless victims of the vaccine were Alberto Mattia, Cristina, and (in the photos Ciro, Marco and Andrea - deceased)

Alberto with its nurses and volunteers of the Italian Red Cross - section of Rome Fiumicino that have lent their valuable work.

I made an interview with Television “ROME ONE” "and “RAI NEWS 24”

Senator Stephen Pedica was asked to approach within which in ambulance can see Albert. Begins the presentation of the serious problems .


 Rome: Demonstration of victims of vaccines in Piazza Farnese - 29 October 2008

Alberto, within the ambulance with his nurse, is vigilant and attentive to the discussion initiated by Senator Pedica the serious damage caused by vaccines

In a humid day and hot was held in Rome in Piazza Farnese the demonstration to protest the "Victims of vaccines." No attention was paid to our event by the national media, perhaps due to the great movement in place of students who demonstrated against the decree passed by the Minister Gelmini on reform of the school. Despite what we wanted to hear our voice, our cry of despair, as the situations of serious hardship that are occurring as a result adverse reactions to immunization, is continuing to increase exponentially. The damage caused by vaccination practices are increasing dramatically, without the state, which still obtusely in almost the whole country must immunization without adequate controls, do anything to stop this senseless and silent massacre of innocent victims. "

   Senator Stephen Pedica. Italy of Values, attended the event to understand the motivations and take note of our proposals.
We can then hope that Italy of Values will give us support to resolve the serious issues for a long time we are raising?



videos on television

videos on television