Open letter to the father of Eluana Englaro - Send flowers to the Minister of Health

Alberto in the "prison" of the Policlinico di Borgo Roma (Verona)
then it was always dependent on the respirator (May 1984)

Open letter to the father of Eluana Englaro:


Dear Mr. Englaro, I ask pardon in advance for what I write the following in the hope of reaching to touch his sensitivity and his great heart of his father. I too am the father, one of many, which follows closely and trepidation his tragic story and that of his daughter Eluana. There is something that, perhaps unlike you, I had to live for more thoroughly understand the real meaning of the value of life at any cost ", having already experienced the bitter experience of the death of two young children. A first at the age of six years and a second at the age of four. But that is not what gives meaning to my letter, but the spasmodic and desperate to save at any cost the lives of a third child that the so-called science, wanted to die at the age of four years, as happened his sister monoovulare. The whole affair began with the indiscriminate use that medicine Journal makes certain practices justified weapons absolutely helpful to prevention. These pseudo defenses of that, I will not result in longer define "check and dangerous" are the vaccinations. All three of my children were born healthy and have been grown by me and my wife with so much love, until the scythe of black life there has ripped two. The third, however, at the age of four years, was about to do the same fate of his sister, but only the strength of desperation and courage of my wife and me, has prevented the irreparable happen. Do not believe that it was not a sacrifice we have the due and wanted to make the decision, the only helpful in saving lives at any cost to our son. Especially the sacrifice made by my wife made to assist months and months of follow-up and for several years during the hospitalization that the child had to suffer from 1980 to 1984, causing the respiratory failure that is followed to its basic condition, a totally unmanageable that time at home. What had become very unbearable for us, was the finding that a certain stupidity of medical science that during the various shelters suffered, obtusely refused to treat him adequately. The child was repeatedly sent in a coma for errors, voluntary or involuntary, caused by health care in him because, in my opinion, had already been issued since 1980, after the exitus of his sister, even for him a fateful "death sentence". The cause of this was attributable to the fact that it was absolutely not save his life because it could prove, as subsequently happened, the correlation of his illness and that of his brothers, with the use of vaccination. The "myth" was at any cost and by any means remain inviolate. I assure you dear lord who was trying everything possible to suppress. For example, after a desperate journey made in the winter of 1980 where we were sunk in the middle of the snow in Switzerland. With an ambulance it was decided to transfer from the Verona, where he was admitted to a respirator attacked automatic because the appearance for the first time because of the respiratory, Switzerland in Berne and precisely where, according to some health be practiced a therapy in experimental stage, yet unknown in our country. After countless setbacks that occurred during the trip, arriving at ten o'clock in the evening at our destination Swiss, after a brief visit and heated discussion, there was peremptorily refused admission to the hospital by mega primary pediatrics. The next day morning we were unfortunately forced to retrace our steps. We spent the cylinder of oxygen by ambulance during the outward journey and had vital need to make the return journey. When advance our request asking to charge the cylinder of oxygen by ambulance, there was word for word from the doctor replied resuscitation of Switzerland: "These players, as his son, did not entirely the possibility of survival, therefore, for oxygen, when you pass by put him out pass with his head out the window. " This is one of the many episodes that we have been forced to suffer, but many others have unfortunately caused bear, I do not know today about how we have done to overcome them. The child had to make a therapy immunostimulant still experimental, interferon, and nobody wanted to execute him, in any hospital where the baby was hospitalized. The last of the numerous shelters, my son was in the province of Milan, where close to the case, in addition to imposing a respirator unfit for its natural and beyond weaning him in a coma due to an incorrect insertion of a tracheal tracheostomy , the local health had almost succeeded in convincing my wife, who had always remained hospitalized in the reanimation of the box next to him on all the time in the hospital for eight months sleeping on a sofa, to detach the respirator tubes and let the baby die . Only my persistence, my firm belief that my son could get out of that situation, you did that I managed to convince the primary to do so in the transfer of the general hospital resuscitation of the city where he resides. Even them, unfortunately, our struggles were not yet over. He was transferred office in Verona. Luckily I managed to impose that in the resuscitation department, together with the child, my wife left to check now become clear to me, the suspicion of doctors operated. Here too we were told that for them a short time the child is deceased, as in the opinion of health care that should have him but who did not want to do, would not have been able to function quite well. Now established the position of doctors that showed clearly a categorical refusal to treat my child in an appropriate manner, taken the decision to bring home the baby, was the month of May 1984. Prepared, though in a very artisanal, all support equipment to operate a respirator that had been loaned out to Milan to be able to manage on their own. When health care came to know of my intention, not sharing it absolutely, for me now already known by deception and false justifications suddenly acted to lock in a hospital. They turned to the court of minors, justifying their actions and at the same time accusing me of being a witness to Jehovah, though in truth I was not and have never been, calling them guilty and guilty of not wanting to treat the child. As a consequence of this serious allegation, by that time, I was taken off the "parental authority". Only the good fortune that he wanted the next day I managed to convince the judge that things were different from what had been described, then reinstated in the parental, at ten o'clock at night and with the police, managed to bring home my creature. I do not want disturb you over tell her in my whole affair that has brought even more unjustified in trampling continually abuse the "right to life" that my son had and still has. If you want to be better understood in the book that attached to this letter and I sincerely hope that you will read and dope will also realize that not all the doctors there was hostile, among others is an honor for me to quote a great scientist, pupil and pupil of Albert Sabin, Professor Giulio Tarro of Naples, which have been generous, with great humanity and availability We always supports therapeutic essential to maintain the immunological status of my son Alberto just normal, having my son Albert, as the other two died, unfortunately suffered from vaccine irreversible damage to his own immune apparatus. Six years ago, I am convinced, in connection with atrocities struggles that we were forced to live, my wife died for a tumor, so I was alone with a child under the conditions that even after this further tragedy of the death of his mother imagine you and leave, the employee again after years of attempts at weaning from the respirator total, is still essential during the night. You see my dear sir, I wish you could understand that has tremendous value for me the life of this child, having seen two die. You can not make absolutely no comparison between his story and I do not want to even remotely suggest that a father as you want evil for their daughter. Perhaps, from his point of view, she was totally right, but my absolute unacceptability of fate, which could perhaps also be adopted even by some selfish, the trim a life consciously aware of it, albeit with the logical justification to alleviate the sufferings is something that upset my way of thinking, of being and existence. I should somehow deny all the years of struggle that I had to do to save my life to Albert, and this suggests to me totally deny myself. My mind and my being rebel since my deepest depths, if only I could touch the thought of making this action that you may consider, rightly or wrongly is not for me to say, but certainly with deep suffering, "normal" or "duty".

Without the slightest wish to judge the work that you will, I hope we can understand the mood of a father like me, who fought and are fighting still stubbornly to survive his "baby" become a man, this year made 32 years, and trying to make is to him that all those who live under the same conditions that her life is a precious gift that should be enjoyed even in situations of massive and insurmountable difficulties, but despite everything, that is always punishment that is "living fully." I want to be alone and just one outlet for father who tries to comfort, in his own way anything can happen, another father in order to be felt close to her in this moment of enormous pain.


Giorgio Tremante father Alberto

Verona 15 November 2008

Alberto home with respirator
"ONLY" during the night (2008)

Alberto flying to Rome to attend the
manifestation of the "Victims of Vaccines" October 29 - 2008

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