Increase the number of "Victims of vaccines" in America there are more demonstrations to protest












The controversy concerning the increased risk of developing multiple sclerosis following a vaccination against hepatitis B is not dead. Documented by the painful testimony and supported by scientific explanations, this documentary that disturbs you, proposes to shed light on those vaccines that are transformed into "poison in a growing number of cases. Mercury and aluminum are substances that can be found in some vaccines given to children in recurrent since their younger ages. Even if they have allowed the company to dominate the western perhaps the scourges such as hepatitis, tetanus and polio. This film shows that probably favored the development of degenerative diseases, neurological type, dermatology and rheumatology. In Quebec, the parents of little Alexis, 2 years is suffering from an encephalitis. Since he was injected a hexavalent vaccine in the day, Alexis' do not know swallow, do not know to speak, unable to walk more. " Epidemiological studies of American, French and Canadian suggests that mercury, in the form of a preservative in some vaccines, such as anti-tetanus or anti-influenza cause of abnormal behavior and development. This time other vaccines that contain aluminum, such as anti-hepatitis could cause neuromuscular disease. Aurélie, a young woman full of life despite his debilitating illness, said he showed the first symptoms of multiple sclerosis following a vaccination against hepatitis B.

















Despite the number of victims is increasing, particularly among children, associations struggle to recognize and compensate because the causal link between the disease and the vaccine is very difficult to prove. In the U.S., Dan Burton a member of Congress, has opened a parliamentary inquiry on the nature of the products contained in vaccines and their effects on the population. Republican Senator denies negligence of U.S. authorities who have endorsed the placing on the market for vaccines whose toxicity has never been truly evaluated. He also explains that the pharmaceutical industry is "the pressure group the most powerful in Washington, this is the cause that makes it impossible for any serious changes in the legislative field. Are also the hostility of economic turnover, the immobility of the politicians and the reluctance of the medical world that can hamper call into question the benefits of vaccines. Alarmist reactions may in fact put in danger the post of public health that is vaccination. Barbara Loe Fisher, president of the National Center for information on vaccinations in the United States, questions the character "utilitarian" of these politicians about public health: "How many people can still be sacrificed for the good of the community?" The victims and associations claiming that defending the right to be informed of the ingredients contained in vaccines and the risks that we face as a result of their inoculation. Underscore the reservations concerning the legal constraints of the vaccinations and require compensation in the event of adverse reactions invalidated. Breaking the silence that reigns on the possible toxicity of certain vaccines would increase their safety. That it would, on the one hand, public health and would, on the other hand, the tragedies of individuals who develop a disease much more severe, having hoped to prevent another.


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The thimerosal is a preservative based on mercury in tiny quantities of other vaccines in anti-influenza anti-diphtheria. According to some studies, could lead to unrest of neurological referred to autistic behavior. Aluminum is an adjuvant in vaccines this anti-hepatitis B can stimulate the reaction of anti-viral particle injected at the time of vaccination. Promotes the immunization of the vaccinated. On the other hand, this additional component is suspected of facilitating the development of the neuromuscular diseases far more serious.




20 Juli 2008

Tragic: Jessica Ericzon died a few days after receiving the inoculation of the vaccine Gardasil.



She loved spaghetti, peppers, lilies listened to his Pod and it was his friends laugh. In his diary he wrote, "The best things in life are not things, they are friends." This is the inscription chiseled on his tombstone.

Jessica Ericzon, 17 years "an all-American teenager," as was described in the university teachers of the school Farmerville. Last February, she was working on his pitch softball, the moment arrived and was ready for a trip for University Studies in Florida and made the steep slopes to snowboard with his older brother. Then one day, the blond blue-eyed student collapsed suddenly died in his bathroom. He started with a pain behind the head. On the advice of his doctor, Jessie had taken a series of three Gardasil vaccine. The vaccine, marketed for women 9 to 26 years, the first vaccine is discovered, it is said, to protect women from human papilloma virus transmitted sexually, or HPV, which can cause cancer of the cervix uteri. Jessie made the first injection in July 2007. After the second injection made in September, said his mother Lisa, Jessie complained of a pain behind the head, and try to fatigue and sore joints.

On 20 February, during the winter holidays of the school, made the third and final dose of vaccine.

The next night, "said his mother," he told me that the stain on his back and the head was to disturb again. "The following morning, February 22, mother Lisa, who worked as a clinical technician, had gone to work at 5 Sleeping morning, leaving his daughter Jessie.

Jessie is not ever presented in class that she was attending the University Jefferson Community.

When his mother came home during the evening, Jessie found sitting in a broken back on the floor of the bathroom, with spots of blood on the head, having banged against a vase of flowers. The Provincial Medical Livingstone Samuel Jefferson who examined the case is reduced to a butt, said that Jessie was essentially dead beating his head on the floor. Whatever it was, it was instantaneous, "said Livingstone.

L 'no autopsy revealed the cause of death. He thinks that she suffered a cardiac arrhythmia, or irregular heartbeat, extremely rare in young people. Resulted from medical records that Jessie had taken a year for pills to treat his acne. Livingstone signaled the death of Jessie to the federal system that collects adverse events to vaccines.

Administrators the FDA and Control Centers for Disease Prevention, collected 8000 reports of problems caused by the vaccine Gardasil, including paralysis, seizures and failure.

Seventeen more deaths were reported by Merck & Co. after the vaccine and described since 2006.

A spokesman for the CDC, some of Curtis Allen, said that so far have been confirmed dead ufficialmente11 than reported, said that they had found "no link to connect" with Gardasil in eight deaths, and are still doing investigations for the other three .
Lisa Ericzon, mother of Jessie, now feels that her daughter was reduced as "an animal for slaughter" with Gardasil, and is urging other parents to investigate the vaccine before their daughters to do so. "I want other mothers to be informed" Lisa said, before the mother of a girl who died after Gardasil speaking publicly. I do not want to spend what I have before. Jessie was planning to graduate in psychology at SUNY Plattsburgh and take up a career, his greatest ambition, and become a horse in New York state. Only six days before his death, she tried to ride along with a horse the dog and was excited about that experience.

His family include a fund commemorative the Ericzon Jessica, to give a scholarship to his peers.


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(Natural News) The vaccine Gardasil has been linked to 78 outbreaks of genital condylomas, according to an article in the Fiji Times titled "I small pig our girls?" Matelica Ragogo. That's right. In addition to all other adverse reactions to this controversial vaccine, girls who receive it are subject to outbreaks of genital condylomas. Unfortunately, not many doctors take the time to educate parents on some of these possible reactions before giving girls this costly JAB.


Deaths, miscarriages and other adverse events.


While genital warts are certainly disgusting, parents who think that genital warts are the worst possible reaction to the vaccine should reconsider. According to the Ragogo who wrote August 14, as included in the 78 outbreaks of genital condylomata, there were 9748 adverse events reported by Judicial Watch, a non-profit watchdog group. He noted that from the judicial point of view, there were also reports of 21 dead, including the undead (from miscarriage) 10 unborn child.

No guarantee of the vaccine against abnormal cell.


"Hundreds of thousands of women who are vaccinated with Gardasil after checking with the annual Pap test occurred still a high degree of dysplasia (abnormal cell)," the report Ragogo. It is not a vaccine against cancer, such as information media, may lead some people to believe. Ragogo also stressed, "Gardasil has been shown to prevent pre-injury, but it was not possible to determine if they actually prevent cancer because the period was too short."


80% of deaths in the fight against cancer occurs in developing countries.

According to an article written by the King County Health Department in Washington, "the average age of women with a new diagnosis of cervical cancer is between 50 and 55 years", and "the risk of developing this cancer is very low among girls under the age of fifteen years. "As long as the last immunity from the vaccine for a young girl? Nobody really knows. So, young girls are vaccinated for potential problems that may occur from 40 years onwards if not all, then any immunity conferred by the vaccine may be already disappeared. Of course, however, according to an article in the World Health Organization (WHO), 80% of all cervical cancer deaths occur in developing countries,

Diets low in fruits and vegetables cause the risk of cervical cancer

The King County Health Department also stressed that the various risk factors for cervical cancer, many can be controlled. A risk factor for cervical cancer is HPV. (Hmmm ... that means that the girls who took the vaccine does not develop genital warts can be seen then actually increase the risk of developing cervical cancer?) Normally get the HPV is not exactly a huge risk for girls who do not Do. Other risk factors include smoking, HIV, race (African American, Latino, Vietnamese and Native American women are more likely to die of cervical cancer), reduced access to health care, and (possibly) the use of oral contraceptives. The article also states: "Diets low in fruits and vegetables are associated with an increased risk of contracting cervical cancer and other cancers."


 The vaccine could cause cancer, infertility or genotoxicity?


Another concern for the HPV vaccine has not been evaluated its real potential to cause cancer. Neither the vaccine has been given to the ability to cause genotoxicity (DNA damage). Moreover, it is unknown whether the effect of this vaccine could cause infertility in the future. For all these reasons, and for many others who have been previously reported, it seems prudent that all parents think twice before subjecting their children to this "mysterious" JAB.

The British Medical Journal publishes an interesting article on the number of 29 October 2005 entitled: "Physicians who prepare guidelines have ties to the drug industry."

You can read it here:Doctors who write guidelines often have ties to the drug industry -- Tanne 331 (7523): 982 -- BMJ

In short, it describes a survey made by journalists of Nature (published on October 20 this magazine) about 215 Guidelines on medicines registered in 2004 at the U.S. National Guideline Clearinghouse. A third of the authors who drafted the LG declare links with industry.
But what is most interesting is that the Director of the Center for Science in the public interest, based in Washington - who first began the research - reported in BMJ that many doctors do not reveal their connections with the industry even when they are requests. Missing are standard in this respect and there is no punishment for not providing the information.



USA, 2008 - The CBS television network (USA) has conducted an investigation on conflicts of interest of some of the largest U.S. experiments, which are as "independent" and that periodically reassure parents worried about the possible serious side effects of vaccines in children, such as autism, attention deficit and hyperactivity, which in reality 'are linked, for various reasons, the companies producing vaccines!
CBS has analyzed the cases of three of the most authoritative voices in this field:
The American Academy of Pediatrics, the organization Every Child By Two and Dr. Paul Offit, director of the infectious diseases division and director of the Vaccine Education Center Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

All three have something in common, says CBS 'strong ties with the pharmaceutical industry, whose products promote and defend. " None of them has agreed to be interviewed ......

The Academy of Pediatrics has received millions of dollars from the vaccine, for conferences, scholarships, medical training, and to build their home. The total figure remains a secret but some public documents will reveal a part: $ 342,000 from Wyeth, 433,000 from Merck and undefined contributions from Sanofi-Aventis, producer of 18 vaccines.
Producers see Vaccine + BIG PHARMA

Every Child By Two, which promotes early immunization for children, has admitted to receiving funding from vaccine manufacturers, but denying that there are conflicts of interest.
CBS, however, found that among the treasurers of us are Wyeth officials and a consultant to major pharmaceutical companies. On the board of Every Child By Two sit a former president of the American Academy of Pediatrics, Martin H. Smith, the above-mentioned Dr. Paul Offit.

OFFIT, the defender said most of the vaccines, which once claimed that children can tolerate 10,000 at once, is called an insider of the vaccine. Indeed, a principal research center at Children's Hospital, funded by Merck.
Furthermore, holds the patent of Rotateq, a vaccine against rotavirus gastroenteritis, developed in conjunction with Merck.
The future of royalty Rotate have just been sold for 182 million dollars in cash. What is the share of profit of Dr. Offit remains unknown ......


In the U.S., in the state of Illinois, children are forced to accept the vaccine for Varicella, with the psychological terrorism and tax laws ....
The decision came from the Department of Health at the suggestion of a committee of experts.
Well, 5 of 18 experts of the Committee were paid by Merck, the pharmaceutical company producing the vaccine.
Last year the government of Illinois issued a law prohibiting the entry of members in the commission paid by pharmaceutical companies. But Governor Ryan, who received $ 9000 from Merck for his election campaign, put the veto the law.
Since 1994, Merck has contributed more than U.S. $ 75mila financing of politicians in Illinois.
Chicago Sun-Times
Ties to drug company vaccine raise questions January 27, 2002 - (on "NVIC" January 27, 2002)

In many third world countries, 10% of children vaccinated for rubella, died as a result of the vaccine!
(By Milton Silverman, Philip Lee and Mia Lydecker, in "Prescriptions for death. The Drugging of the third world" - From The European No. 48, 25/11/1988)


In the U.S. since 1988 vaccinations have tripled, Autism cases have risen by 276%!
"Any American official recommendations about vaccinations are polluted hopeless by intertwining of interest between the companies producing vaccines, the American Academy of pediatricians and the CDC" - By Michael Belkin - U.S. Congress, 18.05.1999

"There is an arrogance in the guise of supporting arguments, about the medical information on the internet, that only doctors can judge the quality and interpreting the medical information" --
By Paul Whatling, Specialist registrar in vascular surgery, article in BMJ 1999; 318:1144 - 24 April 1999