Only in Italy abnormal and uncontrolled 2% per year growth of “tumors in children”


This made the forecast in the 80s by Dr. Robert Menderson,
  famous American pediatrician, who today are sadly noting:










With frightening peaks near industrial areas or polluted. Blame smog and pesticides. And the contamination of the food chain (vaccines distributed and marketed by multinational Merk, in addition to contaminants such as mercury, aluminum and various types of antibiotics to be kept, contained the visus carcinogenic (cancer producing) SV40, also from this it follows the current result.)

In the Marches between 1988 and 1992, the cancer registry reported 93 sick children. Ten years later, became 171. Doubling dry. In Parma cases increased from 27 to 53. A Sassari, in the same period, the under 14 cancer patients have tripled. The bulletin is chilling, the authoritative source: the numbers that no one wants to read them show  the Airtum 2008, the first of its kind, co by the Center for the prevention and control of diseases, by the pediatric hematology and oncology and the 'Higher Institute of Health. The study shows that in our country, between 1988 and 2002 (see the case, the Veneto region from 1992 to 2005 found that in the region alone there were almost 4000 (four) cases of adverse reaction, more or less serious immunization), there was an average increase of childhood cancer of 2 percent per year. The tumors are bastards, no one knows exactly what the cause. For every cancer, there are several possible risk factors, and all work together to poison the body . (even in the first vaccines performed on children a few months of life) So before the trend epidemiologists interviewed invite not draw hasty conclusions, but almost no one denies that the suspects there is more pollution, pesticides and contamination of the food chain. Just think of the dioxin that, through meat, milk and water, comes directly on the tables: If there are days when Europe gave the hunt for pigs and cattle poisoned Irish, in recent months, the carcinogen has already compromised entire flocks of Sheep grazing near of Ilva of Taranto and thousands of buffaloes near Caserta (and thousands of children were vaccinated without any prior investigation and without any restraint, but in a row as the military, the risk is that?).


Dr. Gianfranco Scoppa the childhood cancer has not read. But his perception on the disease is even worse than the figures published dall'Airtum. The radiotherapist, former oncologist of Pascale, now heads the Aktis Marano, one of the largest radiotherapy centers in Campania. "They grow sarcomas, lymphomas, leukemias. I get too many children, we are becoming a pediatric" (If it looks likely their children vaccinated), explains. A 800 km away, in Mantua, a few days ago a study by a private company has set alarm in the city and the nearby Cremona: in the two provinces the rate of childhood leukemia is 20 and ten times higher than average in Sydney . "The numbers are abnormal, I have referred to individual cases with the number, the higher the shelters," said Paul Ricci, epidemiologist dell'Asl Mantuan. "But in a given depth from there really." A Castiglione Stiviere of less than 20 thousand inhabitants, in recent years have been confirmed seven cases of childhood leukemia. "An unusual fact, the impact is significant. Let us remember that this is the most industrialized province, a district where the mortality of the oceanic Brescia" (in Lombardia where it remains the obligation of immunization). Even in Lentini, Sicily, the children become sick with excessive frequency: the rates for the period 1999-2003 Registry of Pathology territorial marking an average ten times higher than that of the province of Siracusa. Abnormal peak that convinced the prosecutor to open an investigation to groped to understand their origins.


Certainly in Italy the trend is anomalous compared to the rest of the industrialized countries: twice that of Europe

(because in Europe there is no vaccination requirement that still exists in Italy) , even five times higher than U.S. rates. Many are quick to explain the trend with early diagnosis and new techniques that allow you to search for diseases with more refined than before. But the answer, the experts more careful, is unsatisfactory: tantamount to argue that Germany, France and Switzerland (where the incidence is lower) would be less good for us to locate the male. Not only that: the increase is too great. Entering specifically, whether in the Old Continent lymphomas in children with an average increase of 0.9 percent per year, in Italy the percentage rises to 4.6 percent (it is not therefore possible to imagine that this is also, in addition to the various sources of pollution, the constant and violent campaigns of vaccination?). Even leukemia travel at nearly triple the rate, while the tumors of the central nervous system grow by 2 per cent, against the reduction of 0.1 recorded in the United States. "The data in our records are a useful complement to those collected from hospital records and death," says Dry Corrado Magnani of the Center for Cancer Prevention in Piedmont: "The results agree with the directions of incidence rates relatively high in the international scene and show a statistically significant increase in the incidence. "


In United States fall ill each year about 1,500 children and 800 teenagers from 15 to 19 years. Especially leukemia (one third of the total), lymphomas, neuroblastomas, soft tissue sarcomas, kidney and bone cancer (all diseases iatrogene possibly induced by vaccines) The absolute numbers are low, and fortunately the mortality rates decreased due to the effectiveness of treatment. The impact, however, seems destined to grow. "For kids predictions are not rosy," said the Airtum: "The estimates, calculated using information collected in the areas covered by the records and data from Istat population (Istat statistical data also show that the increase in degenerative diseases in the event of mass vaccinations) , suggest there will be an increase in cases. "If the trend will remain constant over the period 2011-2015 will fall ill on 18 percent of under 14 in more than five years 2001-2005. The problem concerns both the North that the South Epidemiologists have taken into account only the records noted that the three periods under review: the one that goes from 1988 to 1992, the period 1993-1997 and 1998-2002. Sassari A sick children rose from 12 to 40, Naples 33 to 114th in Latin changed from 38 to 52, in Modena, Parma, Ferrara and Reggio Emilia same upside, the register of Romagna has doubled its members. A similar trend for the Alps, while the increase is less worrying for Friuli. In Liguria and Piedmont, which boasts the oldest record, the impact is rather stable, as in Salerno and Ragusa.


But what is happening? (there is more blind people do not want to see ...) Doctors of Isde not in doubt, and consider the increase in tumors of children a very worrying indicator. Pointing the finger on the wild, about the damage caused by toxic waste and the use of harmful substances dissennato in agriculture and production of goods for mass (and indiscriminate use that is made today of vaccines). The epidemiologists pure - in the absence of evidence proved to be the definitive scientific studies - are traditionally more cautious about causes and risk factors. This time, however, they do not exclude that environmental pollution and lifestyle of children and parents can have important responsibilities on the phenomenon. Benedetto Terracini is one of the luminaries of cancer epidemiology, and a few weeks began a correspondence with some colleagues to try to give an interpretation to the report, along with operational guidance for possible public health measures. "We can not say with certainty that the increase is due to pollution," says, "but it is likely that external factors influence those genet (such as the stimulation produced by vaccines that can cause the induction of these diseases "iatrogene") :They are decades we know that the frequencies are related to tumor (but which are widely and deliberately overlook) The Chinese who emigrated to fall ill in the USA today exactly what and how the Americans, just as happens to pugliesi in Milan and the Italian left for Australia. The work dell'Airtum is the maximum that can be done in terms of statistics, but now we must act. "Terracini doubts that soon scientists will be able to definitively prove the involvement of factors related to pollution." But even if you can not say that benzene and smog (and immunization) are coming to the cancer under 14, you can quickly apply policies precautions: do not serve some other studies to support that living near a highway in heavy traffic is not good for your health. We must protect the children in advance, without alarmism using a sensitive issue such as childhood cancers. "


If the 'reasonable doubt' on the relationship between pollutants and cancer have not yet become law scientific bandied with increasing insistence in the conclusions of authoritative international research. In 2005, a Birmingham university report has shown that children who live within a radius of one kilometer from a traffic point of 'important' have a risk 12 times higher than getting sick, while two years ago researchers from the Universities of Milan and Padua showed a link between pollution by dioxins produced by incineration for industrial and municipal waste and the occurrence of sarcomas in the province of Venice. Even in Mantua a dell'Asl (which will shortly be published by the Higher Health) has formalized a link between soft tissue sarcomas and dioxin-like substances observed around the industrial center of Mantua, where the emphasis of petrochemicals' Enichem, Cartiere Burgo, three thermal power stations, three landfills and a toxic waste incinerator for industrial waste and health. Based on the input of experts in relief as Pieralberto Bertazzi, Comba Peter, Paul and the late Crosignani Lorenzo Tomatis, research indicates that the higher risk that people living near the industrial area of getting sick (including children) is probably not related only to dioxin and PCBs, but also to other pollutants: "Again, however, of industry." Other tests have shown the link between leukemia and magnetic fields (set up by the antennas for the use of mobile phones). The affair is much discussed, but so far, says Magnani, "the scientific data has not been refuted." (because no one wants to check up and develops the research only to the valley, where the Rivoli and the river became a much more difficult to discover)


If the ratio Airtum had little publicity (almost always because the media tend to hide certain truths to meet certain economic interests ...) , scientists do not fail to put together the information coming from these studies with the numbers of childhood cancers in Italy. And do not hide their concern. All, by the dean Terracini Franco Berrino of cancer in Milan, agreed that it is necessary to study the substance suspected to be epidemiologically (it would be useful to make a serious epidemiological research, released by economic interests, to re-evaluate the so-called "cost-benefit" practices vaccine) (that is going to see how and when they correlate to increases in incidence) and on the toxicological and genetic, to understand how they can cause the harm. After the report Airtum, someone goes even further, and begins assembling the puzzle . (in which a "pass" should be the vaccination) As Gemma Gatta, a researcher at the Institute for Cancer in Milan: "The overall increase is certainly. And the risk factors are numerous: radiation, drugs (and vaccines) anti-inflammatory drugs used in the past in Europe, hormones for ' termination of pregnancy. Then, the consumption of tobacco and alcohol by the mother during pregnancy, vehicular traffic, infections and the profession of their parents. " In particular, the expert stressed the risk of those who live part of the day in close contact with carcinogens such as benzene and pesticides. But not all. "In recent years, the mothers breast-feeding less, smoke more, young people are fed worse: it should, even in the absence of definitive studies, change unhealthy lifestyles," says the scholar. Pure Miligi Luigia, the Institute for the study and cancer prevention in Tuscany, is cautious about the causes and contributing factors, and prefers to go hard. "I have sent emails to colleagues with an emphasis on risk management." (Including vaccines)

There are things that can be done immediately, almost at zero cost. It could reduce indoor pollution schools avoiding the use of detergents with aromatic solvents, and removing the materials that release formaldehyde (formaldehyde, which is also contained in vaccines) ". Even the control of pesticide residues in agriculture, says the Miligi should be systematic: the precautionary principle and the right to health must take priority over any other interest. "But the alarms must be managed well. Three years ago in Florence there was a peak of leukemia in a nursery: the institutions moved in unison, in silence, to ensure the safety of children. Analyzers any risk, even measured l 'presence of radon, a radioactive gas (but went to see if by chance there was some correlation with vaccination with the same children to the school?).

Not found anything at times certain phenomena are completely random ". (From this we can certainly seen as the research that is done is "incomplete" and that is lack of statistical information on the alleged serious epidemiological link cause and effect of the practice of immunization)



(p.s. notes in italics are entirely personal of Giorgio Tremante.)




The government has removed the prevention of its agenda. And the lobby triumph


Greek gave up a few weeks ago was the director of the Center for Prevention and Disease Control of the Ministry of Health. Replaced by the government (on his chair was sitting Fabrizio Oleari), in an interview to 'Epidemiology & Prevention', that 'L'espresso' anticipates, shoots to zero on the new policies of the executive. "We are outlining a vision for the change of prevention. The purpose for which the Center has always worked was the extension throughout the country, measures of primary prevention. Today the representatives of the Ministry prefer to talk about ' Clinical prediction '. Which, translated, means to focus on early detection by means of use of advanced technologies. " In practice, rather than prevent the onset of the disease itself, the new philosophy would be to extend the maximum population that has access to early diagnosis, to intervene as soon as possible, but only when the patient is already sick.


Early detection, made up of mammography, clinical tests, colonoscopy and much more, it's a good thing and has saved many lives, but also a huge cost that, as it is today done by SSN, come largely in the coffers of a thousand private laboratories and agreement that provide this type of performance.


Greek calls into question the lobby: "Just see how they were organized within the Committees of the ministry's presence a strong determinant of power (pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology companies, private clinics), while there is little space for representatives of health public and the Regions. I believe that the right to health is at risk today".


(december  11  - 2008)

In my opinion it is certainly a very interesting both from a scientific, human and sociological we must think carefully. Although, in truth, the practice vaccinatoria has never been mentioned by the author, is you understand that there is something very serious, as the stimulus of immunization, which has an impact on these adverse events. Being well known that vaccines are to depress the immune system of the person subjected to this practice, it appears that the explosion or rather the beginning of these kinds of serious degenerative diseases iatrogene-is probably due also to ' that indiscriminate use of that practice is done in our country. What's more we must take into account the absolute stubbornness of Italian institutions that, in spite of Europe has already been removed or has never existed, the coercive requirement of this practice, still stubbornly this absurd and dangerous "mandatory".

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