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(ASCA) - Roma, 22 Jan - One of the bishops lefebvriani of which Pope Benedict XVI going to revoke the excommunication, Richard Williamson, and 'at the center of a controversy in Germany and Sweden for having denied, in an interview tv, the reality 'of the Holocaust.

''I think that the historical evidence, to dominate, go against the fact that six million Jews were killed in gas chambers as a result of a deliberate order of Adolf Hitler''said Msgr. Williamson in an interview with Swedish television channel Svt went on the air last night.

'I believe that the gas chambers have never existed''adds the traditionalist bishop in response to an explicit request the interviewee. A death in Nazi concentration camps, for the traditionalist bishopwould be''only two or three hundred thousand Jews. But none of them died 'for gas in a gas chamber''.


If the anti-Semitism and' bad - Williamson says in an even - and 'the truth'. If something 'real, not' bad. I'm not interested in the word anti-Semitism''

Williamson, a former Anglican convert to Catholicism, and one of four bishops ordained by Archbishop scismaticamente. Lefebvre himself in 1988, was already 'been at the center of controversy last March, when in an interview with the British Catholic weekly Catholic Herald had defended the existence of so-called''Protocols of Zion''Savi, a false historical anti-Semitic . On that occasion, the Fraternity 'Priestly St. Pius X, the group founded by Msgr. Lefebvre for his dissent from the reforms of Vatican II on liberta 'religious ecumenism and liturgy, had refused to distance itself from its bishop. n Following the interview, which 'was shot in the workshop of the German Fraternity' on Zaitzkofen last November the Zentralrat der Juden in Deutschland, the main German Jewish organization, would have denounced Bishop. Williamson to the police. According to the laws in force in Germany, and 'illegal to deny the Holocaust and the bishop threatens prison.


The controversy over Williamson will be adding to a climate of tension gia 'high in Germany between Jews and lefebvriani. In a circular letter sent to Christmas, the top of Fraternity 'for Germany, p. Franz Schmidberger (which is not 'excommunicated by the Catholic Church, because the measure applies only to the bishops), wrote that''the Jews of today part of the accusation of deicide guilty until taking distances from their predecessors in the belief divinity 'of Jesus' Christ''

As he writes the weekly German Der Spiegel, Dieter Graumann, vice president of Zentralrat der Juden in Deutschland, has asked the German Catholic Church to take explicitly distances from Fraternity 'San Pio X, also in view of the Annunciation (but never confirmed) travel Pope Benedict XVI to Israel. So far, the only answer and 'came from the bishop of Hamburg, Msgr. Hans-Jochen Jaschke, who recalled how, when he writes,''the Catholic Church has nothing to do with the Fraternity'' '

The entrance to the camp Auschwitz 1945


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Giorgio & Alberto Tremante

Via Danilo Preto, 8

37133 Verona

Telefax: 045 8402290


Verona 22 january 2009


Dear Mr. Mayor of Verona Flavio Tosi,


I am increasingly notice that my sons Mark and Andrew (deceased) and Alberto made handicapped for life, have been and are still "REAL MARTYRS" this Verona "omertosa." At the time, were not deliberately and properly cared for and have been left to die amid absolute: Alberto only survived it, I think, wanted "massacre of innocents."


Today, after years of the legitimate and made sacrosanct battle to save not only my son, Alberto, which I snatched from the hands of a pseudo-science that it wanted to eliminate, but also countless lives from a massacre perpetrated continuously State with predominantly coercive means, what happens? Mark, Andrea, and Alberto are "re-killed" by this cruel and skeptical city that wants to erase even the possibility to "remember"?


You, as the first citizen of this city, can not stay and watch the game pilatesco of those who would deny this but the minimum duty of due recognition to my children. This has always been, unfortunately for me and for my children, the reality of society of Verona based only on inhuman and absurd compromises when not on silent and collude silences. With which I had to constantly clash.


Of course we must remember the crime made by a crew of irresponsible "on that poor guy a Leona port, where the plaque that recalls the gesture was already post, but not as a duty by an honest citizen, led by Citizen's First, remember the three "State crime" made in respect of my creatures?


Some may be more difficult. I also understand that many other unusual battles have included in its agenda of work, in order to "clean" the city, as we know from the media. But it would not be proper to also protect our city from that omertosa 'and cruel "loggia" in which I have come across and which continues undisturbed in his criminal intent without even caring about what is working, perhaps by producing more "innocent victims" among the children of citizens unfortunately distracted or disinterested until the tragedy?


One of his main duties as mayor is to protect the health of its citizens, but with what conscience can say that he made his duty if, as is still happening, despite being taken off the compulsory vaccination of the practice in our region, will leave young parents at outperforms the, well short of the minimum that adequate information on the dangers and any "irreversible damage" that the practice of immunization can certainly cause so used without any care or prevention.


I heard that, regarding the naming of the street or square in Verona to my children, the municipality has requested the opinion to the Prefecture, which, in turn, requested the opinion to the Ministry of Health, by sending a written request to the Undersecretary Francesca Martini. But, I say, I just want to fool? In this city there is no more and no respect for those who still suffer no respect for those who died?


Dear Mr. Mayor, I have not written for one outburst of father who, because of vaccination, unfortunately, has seen two of his creatures die and third years of struggling to survive at all this inhuman indifference.


I want to appeal to his inner life, as if things here will not change, many other plates called the "victims vaccine" will be inaugurated in the future and any such further tragedies could be this cruel and skeptical city, be charged to its "conscience."


With esteem and respect.



                                                                    Giorgio e Alberto Tremante