Alberto with Professor Tarro



L. Docente dl Virologia dell'Università dl Napoli

Primario dl Virologia dell'Ospedale "D. Cotugno"

Presidente della Fondazione "Teresa a Luigi De Beaumont Bonelli "

per le ricerche sul cancro. Riconosciuta con D.P.R. 3 ‑‑.1978 N. 26

Presidente della Società Italiana di Immuno‑Oncologia Clinico‑Pratica




                                                                                                                                   Napoli, 31‑01‑2001


        A manuscript such as Giorgio describing trembling with exquisite sensitivity of the process paternal son Alberto survived after two brothers died for the same tragic mechanisms of vaccination, which although it must be the eradication of a disease such as polio history, you read all of a breath as a novel yellow with final full of suspense. “

“Age and vaccinated o. .. right to life?” is a true story, which is not necessary to add other comments. The prevention of infectious diseases can not ignore measures that are anxious to know the efficiency of the immune system because of its depression, congenital or acquired, may lead to harmful factors of vaccination.

The diagnostic research can now shed light on subjects that require a specific action such as vaccination with inactivated agents rather than attenuated. Alberto II case is paradigmatic.

Certainly a profound as that of George trembling gives readers, for the details of the extent of malpractice and love and the burden of affected families. So this writing may serve to actively search of the best addresses the use of vaccination.


                                                                                                                                                                                       GIULIO TARRO








Dirigente  Medico 2° livello Dipartimento di Biomedicina dell’Età Evolutiva

Responsabile Struttura Semplice di Endoscopia Digestiva

Diagnostica ed Operativa Pediatrica Azienda Ospedaliera Policlinico Bari




                         It is not easy to write the presentation of a book, usually is left to literary critics who for the most part, a celebration extol the work, the author, sharing content and, most parie, self themselves. This is not a literary work, as some erroneously may mean, but a book-paper that a “parent-courage” was able to publish, not for himself but for all those families forced and sentenced to perpetual silence, humiliated, frustrated, violated in their underwear and then abandoned.

A complaint book that certainly arouse controversy in what are euphemistically called the rooms button, where shift potentates are similar to pagan gods, sacred monsters that should humble worship, inspire the odors generated by their dirt, where the money is the god from totem worship and where the suffering of the poor and the weak are ignored, limited in the distant suburbs of the thighs.

Beautiful, good, modern, perfect, statuary bodies and manly, even if inflated by hormones, girls and young women to cover where breast and sinuous hips dictate law, managers and captains of industry that seem to dominate the world with luxury cars, clothes and phones that also replace the sex, pornographers and navigators of all virtual, all these products of the new company, the worship of the god money, do not understand this book, which was written for them because, outside of paganism, suddenly, they may knock the door “phantom black” which, with a gentle caress you take away the world of silence and nothing.

Giorgio trembling, Alberto’s father, as I have known a day in Mestre, told the story of his family, he yelled with the roar of a wounded lion what happened to a family happy and “normal” a family where there were plans for the future, where he dreamed a rosy future for all, honest, full of principles. In a day that family entered the “ghosts blacks”, perhaps have the wrong address, but they entered and remained there, violent and destroying every living being, children, innocent people who do not know yet defend itself and that tends towards its own hands Parents, too incapable ripping a male and donated generated by ignorance and the money of the powerful.

Those children have yelled, requested aid bull dad could not help them, protect them from those “ghosts blacks”: the father has fought, tried to send them away, prayed, he implored to leave his family, and when these satisfied, they left the house, ready to enter into another, Albert has remained connected to a respirator tubes automatic alone in the dark with despair and the tears of his parents, including their own, abandoned. But this does not affect the worshipers of the totem, with young people climbing shoes that creak under the cover girls from all breast and curves in crisis for their own pads of fatty tissue, “malformations” badly concealed from virtual loincloth.

This book covers instead the lowly and the oppressed, those “normal” people who are aware of the drama of despair and abandonment, and they are many, many, hidden and isolated in the suburbs of conscience, in ghetto neighborhoods of awareness of civilized world. From doctor, unwittingly, I found in this world of despair among hundreds of families who have lived and are living the same reality; families living in the dark, abandoned and raped in their own rights from a diabolical system, Mephistopheles, perverse, where the weak becomes the subject of profit and the handicapped unless it is removed as a disgrace.

I met hundreds and hundreds of families whose children have received the visit of “ghosts blacks”, children who have requested help to parents who could not help them, and the story of George trembling and his family I saw multiply hundreds of times . Hundreds of stories like of unanswered screams, denied diagnosis, therapies exist, the endless travel of hope in the international medical centers until the landing by wizards and sorcerers.

Families bled by interminable journeys, from waltz rounds in hospitals and in studies super private and exclusive Solon of knowledge doctor, yet doctors valid met, and many preparations, human, professional, but woe to go against certain protocols “schools Thought “, against imaginary epidemiological studies. And the persecution of the new Middle Ages have lived so many colleagues and good medical researchers, branded as heretics and, as Giordano Bruno, sent to the stake, such as criminal investigation, trial, mud, threatened, often forced into silence.

Right to life? Which law, if the world even children died in hospital have become a source of revenue for pharmaceutical companies, as happens in England, where bodies are sold to industry, or specific economic interests herbivorous animals turned into carnivores or “cannibals “Where drugs and vaccines have been produced on infected sera, but” guaranteed “by studies published in scientific journals … and credited with high impact factor” or where someone wants the embryos can be reservoirs of spare parts ?

Giorgio trembling he yelled his grief and his anger: I am with him.                                                                                                                     

                                                                                                                                                            Dr. Massimo Montinari








There’s never happened to attend a televised debate about vaccinations, or read some article of health information on the subject?
You will then have to be reassured on the absolute safety of vaccines: someone goes also to say that there are no cases where it is satisfied the causal link between vaccinations and brain damage appeared later.

But with my human Unfortunately, I can refute this claim on three occasions!

In this book you will find the story of most of my life and that of my family lives, lives overwhelmed by the “safety” of vaccines.

E ‘cliché to say with pride and pride, or tone of exhortation, in many occasions of life, the phrase “age and vaccinated” as if to signify a kind of initiation that enables them to overcome any difficulty and danger, without consequences.

In reality proves only know very little intrinsic meaning of the word vaccination and the risks related to the use of this medical practice.
Consider as an example the most recent of mandatory vaccinations, the most technologically advanced and therefore theoretically more secure, vaccination hepatitis B.

The promotional “Vaccination how and why” by the Veneto Region – Department of Health to counter item is written: “Generally there are no contraindications to hepatitis B vaccination must however be postponed in case of acute illness with fever and permanently suspended in those rare cases of severe allergic reaction found the vaccine”, and yet, heading reactions and complications “is generally absent. Only in some cases have mild reactions at the injection …. which disappear within a few days anyway. Even more rarely do you find disorder as general fatigue, dizziness, lowering of pressure or flu-like symptoms such as fever, malaise, headache and pain in joints and muscles. Even these disorders are of short duration and resolve spontaneously. “ Shame that even a recent ruling by the Constitutional Court (No. 423 of 2000) session is to deal with damage resulting from vaccinations to force the state to pay compensation to those who undergo hepatitis B vaccine when it was not yet mandatory, bringing negative consequences to health.

Only mild and transient noise!

Other non certified that a causal link between vaccination and serious damage resulting.





- Preface
- Introduction
- The medical issue.
- Before vaccines negative experience with Marco.
- Birth of twins Albert and Andrea.
- Vaccination of twins.
- Measuring to report symptoms of Marco, in Albert and Andrea.
- The national press takes care of our problem.
- Meeting with the engineer Enzo Ferrari.
- Meeting with Pope John Paul II.
- Meeting with biochemical Franco Vals Pantellini.
- Clinical history of twins sent around the world.
- Meeting resolution with Professor Giulio Tarro.
- Death of Andrea.
- A doctor, journalist invents the diagnosis without evidence.
- Tours of Naples to visit Alberto for the first time in Tarro.
- Before the diagnosis of Professor Tarro.
- Crisis for breathing and Alberto shelter in resuscitation.
- Hallucinatory trip to Switzerland with Albert.
- Blood finds Andrea.
- Evidence that cleared that the diagnosis of Leigh syndrome. “
- Case Morando.
- Transferring from Alberto resuscitation to paediatrics.
- Falsification of medical records Alberto.
- Minister of Health Renato Altissimo establishing a “Ministerial Equipe.”
- Desperate plea for help to the Church of Rome.
- Alberto home after months of hospitalization. Pranoterapeuta become.
- New in-patient hospital Alberto. Transfer to the Policlinico di Milano.
- Alberto restored again at home. Top school father.
- Further shelter in a hospital Melegnano.
- Travel in India.
- Hunger strike in front of the Quirinale.
- Transfer the office of Alberto Melegnano from the Policlinico di Verona.
- Trying to block Alberto in hospital. I remove the “parental authority”.
- Finally Alberto at home, but totally dependent on the respirator.
- Alberto finally home. Start a new life.
- Alberto can attend school together with comrades.
- Final Diagnosis Professor Tarro.
- Alberto attended high school.
- Request for compensation according to Law 210/92.
- Alberto meets with President of the Republic Oscar Luigi Scalfaro.
- Letter to President Alberto to Scalfaro.
- Admission of the Ministry of Health of causation with the vaccine. “
- Complaint to the Judiciary for “willful murder”. Closed.
- Suspension of breathing exercises. Another complaint and other records.
- Establishment International Committee to protect the rights of Alberto.
- Made a public document covered by confidentiality of investigations. Complaint and archive.
- Additional problems that puts the health Verona. Remove the teacher to Albert.
- Face criminal proceedings for “offense against public officials.”
- Fund the League for Freedom of Vaccinations.
- Participant television.
- Fund Association A.L.V.
- Finally, other parents with it decided to vaccination practices.
- Case Marani.
- Sterile controversy of the Church der Veronese on immunization.
- Suggestions for further argument “Vaccinations”.
- Hunger strike implemented by several parents in Venice.
- Alberto today, the beginning of the third millennium.
- Bibliography